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3 Preparations Before a Comfortable Massage in Dubai

In this modern times of Dubai, massage is generally a leisure way. It can make us feel comfortable and also play a health care role. Especially for the people working in office, special in Dubai. We should really go to massage regularly, which can effectively prevent cervical spondylosis, lumbar muscle strain, etc. These are common diseases for office people. Since massage is a casual way, then we should provide some comfortable environment for this kind of leisure and health care, so that the body and mind can really relax.

1. Music

We can put some soothing and quiet music in the massage room. Generally, this kind of music can calm down the impetuous heart and make your mood smoother. Of course, this also depends on personal preference. If you like other music, you can also choose other music.

2, Perfume

The woman who sprays the perfume is a woman with a taste. If you pass a perfumed woman, you will feel refreshed. This is the effect of the perfume. It can make you feel better and make you feel happy. . Perfume can be used not only on people, but also in the environment. Sprinkle perfume or freshener in the massage room. When you enter the door, you can smell it and relax. Of course, the perfume must be grasped. Don't spray too much, if the spray is too much, it will not smell good.

3, Turn off the phone

Modern people are not leaving their hands. They need to bring a mobile phone to the toilet. When they massage, they also play with a mobile phone.

Why can't they enjoy the full body massage? Playing a mobile phone while you massage will transfer your attention to your mobile phone. The massage will give you a lower level of comfort. Massage is a relaxing thing. Why bother your eyes? Therefore, it is recommended that you put down your mobile phone while you are massage.

Yuri comes from Japan, she is really good at body to body massage.

Dubai Full Body Massage

Second, the item preparation

1, massage bed

The massaged person is lying in bed when he is massaged, so the choice of massage bed is also very important. The massage bed should not be too high or too low. Too high and too low is not conducive to massaging massage. The single bed of an ordinary family is generally suitable.

2, cotton sheets or towels are

We know that the cotton-inspired towel is soft to the touch and helps to protect our skin. The massage towel is covered with a cotton-made cloth or towel, so that the massager will feel more comfortable and protect the massager's hand skin. To avoid damage caused by the massage process.

3, pillow

The massage time is a bit long. Sometimes the masseuses needs to maintain a posture for a long time. At this time, the soft pillow can relieve the discomfort caused by the fixed position for a long time. For example, the soft pillow can be placed under the neck when lying on the back, and the chest can be placed on the chest when lying on the back. Put a soft pillow in front of the calf.

4, essential oil

It is more convenient to massage . It is good to apply some essential oil and lotion. It can reduce the damage to the skin during massage in Dubai.

Relaxing, this is a request for the person being massaged. This is a reason for the doctor to ask you to relax when you have an injection. If you don't relax during the injection, you will find that the injection is very painful and it hurts after the fight.

If you are nervous during the massage, then your muscles If you don't relax, the masseur will be prone to the situation where the technique is not in place, and the effect will be greatly reduced.

Of course, if the person being massaged is in a nervous mood, the masseuse should also help him relax, let him trust you, be gentle, comfortable, and chat.

If you want to know more about it, or get more tips or notes, just contact us for any questions you may have.

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