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Pay attention to your daily Massage in Dubai

In Dubai, there are many attention of Massage need you notice, if we can't very good for us to note that these methods could massage will be counterproductive. Then massage is what we need to pay attention to? What are the Massage considerations? What are taboo crowd massage? With small below details to know! Massage health care is not we can literally by the mat is to have a lot of cultured, we still need to pay attention to, the following is a detailed introduction. (1) relax: Besides thought should focus massage, especially to calm, the body also don't be nervous, required physical and mental relaxation. (2) find out the accurate: Master the methods of find out of meridians and operating technique, in order to find out accurate technique is correct. (3) hard right: Because don't stimulation is too small, too easy to produce fatigue, and easy to damage the skin. (4) step by step: Number of massage from less to more, massage strength by light gradually aggravate, massage acupoints can increase gradually. (5) constancy: No matter use massage to care or treatment of chronic diseases, not a day or two is effective, it gradually show effect, therefore, should have confidence, patience and perseverance.

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Dubai Massage Full Service

In addition to the above considerations, but also have time on the massage health care, each with 20 minutes advisable. The best in the morning and once, such as in the morning and before bedtime. In order to enhance curative effect, prevent the skin damage, the massage technique can be used when certain drugs as lubricant, such as talcum powder, sesame oil, massage cream, etc. If local skin damage, ulcers, fracture, tuberculosis, tumor, hemorrhage, massage health care here is prohibited. Self massage, it is best only wear vest shorts, operation gimmick to direct contact with the skin. Massage after sweating occurs, should pay attention to the shelter, lest catch a cold. In addition, in hunger and satiety, alcohol or fatigue, also do not care massage.

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