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Pay attention to essential oils Massage

Be sure to do skin test first. Actually not only oil massage need to do a skin test, strictly speaking, all the beauty skin care products, cosmetics in the use of money is need to do a skin test first. Essential oil is special, however, is more demanding for the skin test. Specific oil massage oil test method is as follows: first of all, a small drops of essential oil mixed with a tablespoon of oil, on the back of hand or arm on the skin of these resistance stronger. After 24 hours and then rinse off with clear water.

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If within 24 hours after the skin appears not uncomfortable (redness, itching) wait for a phenomenon, suggests that your skin can use this essential oil. Once the skin has any uncomfortable phenomenon, must immediately stop using this kind of essential oils, illustrates the essential oil is easy to cause your skin allergic reactions. Essential oils must be diluted before use. A high concentration of essential oils excitant is very strong, if the daub on the skin directly, easily because of the high concentration of essential oils and skin damage to human body. So before using essential oils, must use base oil, essence, such as massage cream for use, generally 1 ~ 2 drops of essential oil can, cannot one-time use too much. Don't in the case of beyond the mark hunger or feast. At the same time, the massage time should not be too long, general control in 5 minutes. Have high blood pressure, low blood pressure, kidney disease, diabetes, bone fracture, cold, heart disease, skin disease, after the surgery, varicosity, local inflammation or physical pain all sorts of patients with severe disease, such as not to make any massage using essential oils. Some sensitive parts, such as eyes, nose and mouth, etc. Do not use essential oils. These areas are fragile, without the protection of the surface of the skin, but access to essential oils, essential oils of irritant can cause human body unwell, such as pain, itching, etc, serious still can cause inflammation and so on, affect human body health. Remember, essential oil can only be used for external treatment, must not to adopt the way of internal use of essential oils. Show that the skin that is essential oil can only be applied to the human body, internal organs can't contact with essential oil.

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