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Methods and Benefits of Back Massage in Dubai

In Dubai, when people are tired for a day, they want to sleep comfortably. However, enjoying a massage before going to bed can not only make the fatigue of the day halved, but also make your sleep go to another level. Most people will feel the back tight or pain after work.

At this time, using a certain massage technique, can relax the muscles of the back and relieve the feeling of backache, so how to massage the back is the best methods and what are the benefits?

Helen is our best girl, from her full body massage, you can get the best experience.

Dubai Massage Full Body

Take off your shirt and shoes, untie the belt, relax your body, kneel on the bed, and cover the back to prevent sticking. The girls stood on the head of the bed, first massaged the spine and its sides with the right palm, pushed it from the top to the bottom and pressed it to the waist. The weight was moderately repeated for more than 10 times. Use the thumb of both hands along the spine, with elastic and rhythmic pressure, from the top to the waist, in the same way, you can also try to get a body to body Massage 1 to 2 inches on both sides of the spine.

2. Rolling Massage

The masseuse stands on one side, the right hand clenches the fist with the raised part of the finger root to contact the skin and the body, and uses the wrist force to vertically roll the fist to massage to the waist, repeating from top to bottom more than 10 times.

3. Chiropractic method

Remove the cloth list, bare back, the cloth stand on the left side, with the thumb and index finger of both hands, the skin and muscles of the spine of the girl will be pinched and lifted, and the body massage will be performed from the bottom up. This is repeated 6 times. At this point, the person being massaged immediately felt the local warmth and relaxed and comfortable.

Benefits of back massage in Dubai:

1, back massage can ease the pressure of back pain after work, promote systemic blood circulation, massage can feel muscle relaxation, joint flexibility, so that people are refreshed, eliminate fatigue, and play an important role in ensuring good health.

2, long-term adherence to the back massage, you can also lose weight, play the role of body health and longevity, of course, there is a saying, long-term massage can treat high blood pressure, etc., but self-feeling still has a great effect on weight loss.

3, grasp the effective back massage techniques, can effectively massage the back, relieve stress, and now there are various forms of back massage methods, body massage and so on.

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