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Massage your legs to get thin and beautiful

Like legs are several class, have a plenty of lard type, have a plenty of muscle type and mixed type, thick legs, in the aggregate, for the simple reason that is of lower limb blood circulation, causing lymphatic congestion. Movement is the most healthy way, although slow, the effect is not obvious, also so thin leg is best depends on a Massage.

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Why sports thin leg effect is not obvious?

Excluding running, setting-up exercise the body types of aerobic exercise, thin leg some of the ways of anaerobic exercise more often, so the leg fat could be turned into hard muscle, this is all girls can't stand. Muscle and increasing, caused the effect is not obvious, however brace the movement if not every day down, just three days fishing net to up to two days to do, almost no too big effect. Shower and massage effect is more significant

Conversely massage legs can help the leg in relieving right amount "movement", dredge because sedentary, incorrect walk to causes such as lymphatic congestion, allow the blood to flow to the bottom, when combined with shower bath water vapor, the effect is much better. STEP 1: both hands from the ankle power works, dredging the leg body until the thigh root, especially in the calf this with the location of the muscle can increase hand, left and right sides each 2 times. STEP 2: in the leg ministry is adipose populated area, rub hands cross twist turn. Note: do not need to use too much, or it will leave a mark on the skin. STEP 3: start with two hands from the thigh root to looped massage until crus, this movement can promote adipose thicker parts of the circulation of the blood flow. STEP 4: two hands on the thighs lymph nodes, gently massage to stimulate the lymph circulation, effectively solve the sedentary do produce big hip problem. STEP 5: use a body specialized massage tools, where the most back thigh meat, rhythmic beat. STEP 6: the final press with finger point to an abdomen from the ankle has been soft leg press lateral lymph to the thigh root, conditional body in a bathtub, can be done with the aid of warm water. No bath crock, can be a hand-held shower, one hand to massage.

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