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Massage Habits in the Night Make Women Younger

One-third of a person's day is spent in sleep. At this time, the skin's main work is metabolism and repair, so the effect of anti-wrinkle maintenance at night will be better than that in the morning. The following four night maintenance habits make women younger. In these habits, I believe that, the most important thing is of course the body massage in Dubai.

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Avoid the light during sleep

Don't turn on the light to sleep! Because once the skin cells encounter light stimulation, they will conditioned reflexively in a state of alert contraction, which is not conducive to the deep absorption of night cream, and there are many skin care ingredients, especially whitening ingredients, which have light absorption. This will not only black, but will make your skin dull.

If the light shines directly on the face, it is even worse. Not only is it not conducive to the repair of the skin at night, but after getting up, the skin will look particularly tired and dull, and the signs of aging will appear. So, if you want your skin to better complete its night repair work, don't forget to turn off the light before going to bed.

The aroma makes the mood better and delays the arrival of wrinkles

Nowadays, plant-based natural products are getting more and more popular. Like some flower water diluted with plant essential oils, in addition to being used as a moisturizing lotion at night, its natural plant scent can also make people feel better. Facial expressions naturally relax and reduce the appearance of expression lines. Opportunity to delay the arrival of wrinkles.

Massage more and lift tired skin

Dubai Full Body Massage action can promote cell metabolism, so that skin care products can be absorbed more quickly. Skin cells have "memory". If the skin is in a state of fatigue and relaxation for a long time, then the aging speed will accelerate and wrinkles will increase over time. Your cells have already remembered that the skin is in a "flabby" state. Then you need to work harder to restore to a firm state. Lifting and flat massage movements can tighten the skin loosened due to fatigue, and maintain the elasticity of the skin at all times. In the long run, wrinkles will not be so easy to climb on your face. And in the same time, you can get the effect of lose weight by the massage.

Take the beauty time, double the effect

If you want the skin to get the best care during sleep, you must choose the right time for sleep. You should go to bed before 11 o'clock, and you must have 8 hours of sleep. Because 10 pm to 2 am is the time when cell metabolism is most vigorous, sleeping during this time period can unarm the skin to resist external damage during the day, allowing the skin to concentrate on metabolism and repair. The skin has good regeneration ability, full of elasticity, and prevents wrinkles.

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