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Massage can help you quickly eliminate fatigue after fitness

In Dubai, the pressure of modern people’s life and work is increasing. More and more people begin to go to the gym for physical exercise. This not only releasing the pressure and forgetting work, but also making your body healthier and stronger. However, after exercising and fitness, the body will feel fatigued and will consume a lot of physical strength. It is difficult to quickly recover to a good physical condition. So what should we do if we are tired after fitness? I think the best way is to have a full body massage in Dubai. Next, we will take a look at this, hoping to help you.

Linda is from Malaysia, she is good at body to body massage in Dubai.

Massage in Dubai Full Body
Dubai Massage at Home - Linda

Dubai Massage is an important method used by fitness exercise trainers to eliminate muscle fatigue and prevent sports injuries. Various massages can improve the regulatory function of the nervous system; it can increase the opening of capillaries in the muscles, strengthen the local blood supply, and improve nutrition; it can improve the material metabolism process, promote the dissipation of metabolites (such as lactic acid), and relax the muscles; Accelerate venous return, reduce the burden on the heart, and improve the working ability of muscles.

Body massage in Dubai should be performed at the end of the fitness training class or after class, after bath and before bedtime. You can apply some alcohol oil on the skin before massage, and sprinkle some talcum powder in summer. During the massage, we can first massage the back, hips, legs, chest, and abdomen, and then massage the arms, neck and shoulders. When massaging, massage the large muscle groups first, then the small muscle groups; massage one part, then massage the other part, in order. The general requirement is that the technique should be lighter and the time should be longer to have a sedative effect.

Do each move for 5 minutes, and the total massage time is 30-50 minutes. Partial massage can be performed during or after the fitness training, and the time does not exceed 15-20 minutes. It is mainly used to eliminate muscle stiffness and local fatigue. If you can massage two hours after the warm water bath, the effect will be better.

Hot compresses have a good effect on eliminating local muscle fatigue, especially in this winter season. Hot compress can be applied directly with water or with a water bag. The temperature of the local hot compress is 47~48℃. In addition, hot compresses for 10 minutes on the load-bearing parts before training can delay the appearance of fatigue during training.

Massage after sauna: Take a shower after fitness training, and then enter the wooden cabin. The temperature of the sauna is generally 80~90℃. About 10 minutes each time. The human body sweats a lot when taking a bath, the heartbeat speeds up, the metabolism of sugar and fat is accelerated, and the oxygen demand increases. So after anaerobic training, you should rest for 30 minutes before going to the bath. After the bath, the whole body is drowsy and relaxed, and sometimes the muscles are still unable to exert strength the next day, so the bath time and frequency should be mastered. Not only for relaxing your body, massage can also help you improve constipation.

If you adjust the amount of training next week, you can take a bath 2 to 3 times after training on Saturday, so that the body recovers more thoroughly. The advantage of sauna bath is that the heart burden of bathers is small, oxygen consumption is low, and they feel comfortable, and they can also relax the body, restore physical strength, freshen blood, and clean the skin.

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