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Massage in Dubai to Improve Constipation

Many people in Dubai have some constipation problems, especially white-collar workers in office, as well as students. Sitting for a long time and a small amount of exercise are the reasons for constipation. Constipation is caused by the lack of movement of the large intestine. If constipation is to be relieved, the function of the large intestine must first be activated. In addition to regular defecation and eating more fruits and vegetables, you can also try a full body massage in Dubai to help promote defecation.

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Dubai Nuru Massage
Massage in Dubai at Home - Lucy

With this kind of problem, you will not only feel uncomfortable, but will also make you feel inferior to others in terms of your body. So today I will teach you some methods of massage in Dubai at Home to solve the problem of constipation. After all of these, so how can massage promote bowel movements?

When massaging, place one palm directly above the navel and use four fingers except the thumb to massage clockwise along the colon route from right to left. When massaging to the left lower abdomen, the pressure on the fingers should be strengthened. If the pressure is not enough, it will not stimulate the intestines. You can apply force in a moderate range, or you can use your hands to overlap for massage, but you should not feel pain in your body.

People with constipation need to adopt comprehensive treatments according to the severity, cause and type of constipation, including general life treatment, medication, biofeedback training, and surgical treatment to restore normal bowel physiology. Pay attention to life treatment, adopt reasonable eating habits, such as increasing the content of dietary fiber, increasing the amount of drinking water to strengthen the stimulation of the colon, and develop good bowel habits, such as waking up in the morning to defecate, defecate in a timely manner, avoid forced defecation, and should Increase activity.

During treatment, attention should be paid to removing excessive fecal accumulation in the distal rectum, positive adjustment of mentality is required, which are extremely important to obtain effective treatment. And we also need to pay attention to the massage when we have a gout in daily life.

Reflexology will also improve constipation

Before massaging your feet, you must first soak your feet to increase the temperature of your feet and ensure blood circulation. After soaking your feet, apply some moisturizing cream, you can apply a little more, this will increase the effect of Body Massage in Dubai, but also can effectively moisturize the feet.

Constipation is really not a little problem, and constipation is caused by the accumulation of garbage in the body, which cannot be ruled out. Prolonged constipation can also have a negative effect on health. Therefore, in addition to paying attention to your usual eating habits, it is also a good choice to take physical therapy such as foot massage when you are constipated.

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