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Lymphatic detoxification massage in Dubai

Lymphatic detoxification massage is a new popular method to relax your body in Dubai. Many people have heard that massage can cure diseases, but few people know the true mystery! Today, I will analyze the magical effect of massage lymphatics. After reading it, you will know why Dubai Body Massage is so amazing! Honey (From Japan) can make the best body to body massage in Dubai.

1 thymus massage Outside the anterior chest area, there are thymus organs. The thymus is the most important part of the body's immune cells, T lymphocytes. The massage would be very easy. At any time with your palm, lift the neck, lower the upper part of the chest, gently massage up and down, 200 times a day, you can enhance your immunity from time to time. 2 lymph node massage Because the lymph nodes are places where bacteria and aging wastes in the body are easily accumulated and accumulated. The lymph nodes appear to be at the intersection of the main line. If the intersection is blocked, the flow will of course deteriorate, so massage of the lymph nodes themselves is also necessary. Although there are more than 800 lymph nodes in the body, only 5 of them are important lymph nodes. They are close to the surface of the skin, which we can touch: the submandibular lymph nodes at the base of the neck, the clavicular lymph nodes above the clavicle, the axillary lymph nodes under the armpits, the inguinal lymph nodes at the base of the thigh, and the knee sockets behind the knees. When you massage, you can treat the lymph nodes as a pump, press and relax them, press them with your fingers, and put the five fingers together, repeat 5 to 7 times. The basic method is to press once three times and reply three times. Keep your fingers away from the skin and be elastic. If you press it strongly, it sometimes causes inflammation of the lymph nodes, so you should press it lightly. If you feel pain, it means that your technique is too heavy. In addition, the massage time should not be too long

3 skin massage When you massage your skin, you need to know which direction the lymph fluid flows. The fine lymphatic vessels form a thicker lymphatic vessel after confluence in the middle, and finally connect to the vein at the clavicle, so lymph nodes are formed everywhere. Facing the lymph nodes is the fundamental method of skin massage. When you massage, the target you are looking for is the five lymph nodes described above. In the relaxed state, use the palm and fingers to closely approach the skin, slowly and gently massage, so that the lymph flows to the vicinity. The lymph nodes are generally massaged 6 times. The flow rate of lymph is 24 cm per minute and is very slow. Too fast and too strong will result in half the consequences. 4 Notes 1. If the flow of lymph is blocked, making it impossible to circulate, the old waste of the body cannot be eliminated from the body, thus forming edema and fat mass. Also, if the lymph is blocked, the body's immunity will drop, causing physical discomfort such as fatigue. 2. You only need to do it in your favorite place. It doesn't matter if you like to do it for a long time. There is no limit to say that you must have a full body massage. It is best to stick to it every day in your favorite place. Do not specify the number of massages, as long as you feel comfortable. 3. Even if you don't have to press it, you can press it gently and feel the flow of lymph on the way to massage in Dubai. Gently massage the area that feels stiff and let the lymph flow in these places become smooth.

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