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Learn these six massage techniques, no need spend money any more

In Dubai, job is to much busy. You may waist sour backache after work. Many people like to use massage to relax, today let us teach you how to give myself a massage at home. And you can keep this for a long time to make yourself more healthy.

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Dubai Nuru Massage

1. The first step, find a moderate temperature of space When massage should not be in extreme heat or cold place, because the temperature will affect the muscles, and the degree of physical and mental relaxation. Began to slowly and gently massage from the shoulder to the waist and back, let the body become soft. Then press with continue at the same pace, but gradually enhance strength, shoulder places can strength is heavier. 2. The facial massage Will begin after the facial muscles relax thoroughly and gently push in the direction of the facial muscle fibers, push the side feel have access to the cheekbone. 3. Do with the palm of your hand To use massage to the palm, in some places you can use the elbow to strengthen key parts. 4. Relieve muscle with finger pressure Now we use computer and mobile phone number is more, often time to maintain the same position likely to cause neck stiffness.Using the finger pressing technology, down the neck on both sides of the pressure, has the good soothing effect on the muscle. 5. Note that no matter how to don't press to the spinal cord The muscles on both sides of the spine is often need a massage blocks, but as long as it is back massage, should avoid the backbones so as not to cause significant damage. 6. Gently massage after the first round, try to massage Muscle, soft massage can start slowly rising. If you have special blocks of pain, can use the tip of the finger locally enhanced. More than six massage skill, quite simple and can massage at home, need not spend money can also be easily all day!

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