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Japanese Shiatsu - New Popular Massage in Dubai

In Dubai, people have a deeper understanding of massage, and most people have experienced the effects of massage. Relaxing and enjoying your mood, people will have a deep and comfortable feeling after completing a wonderful massage experience.

Most people think that Thai massage is the best way to massage. But today I will tell you a less common but more effective massage method - Japanese Shiatsu.

Yamita comes from Japan, she is specially good at this kind of massage.

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Japan Shiatsu, is called the mother of modern health care technology. While the world is advocating preventive medicine, it is also proclaiming that modern people should look for alternative medicines that strengthen their physical fitness and reduce their disease beyond the existing medical system.

This alternative medicine has the characteristics of no harm, no side effects, overall improvement and simplicity, and can be practiced in daily life. "Shiatsu" is one of the health care technologies that best meet these conditions.

Introduction to Shiatsu is a unique technique developed in Japan. The original meaning in Japanese is: "Press with your fingers." It is the oldest medical form - "hands-on treatment", which originated from China.

Shiatsu, through the touch and pressure and the body's response to touch, compression, to achieve the effect of treatment. Use "shiatsu" and technique to adjust the physiological structure of the human body and awaken the inner natural energy; it is different from the squeaking, pinching and beating of Western massage; it is not limited to the stimulation of the skin surface; nor is it Push; Instead, the muscles are removed by the pressure on the body to normalize the muscles, maintain the balance of the body's lines of force, relieve back pain, stress, headache, Whiplash injuries, neck Stiffness, sports injuries, etc. help us prevent disease and maintain good health.

Definition of acupressure this so-called "shiatsu" is to correct the imbalance of the body and to maintain and improve the health of the body. The fingers and the palms are pressed against specific parts of the whole body to promote the natural healing function of the body.

A physical therapy that promotes health by removing fatigue from the body. "Japan's wave is overwhelming" The most famous Shiatsu genre in Japan is the first to push the "Japanese Wave Overpressure" to join the Western theory of human anatomy, relax muscles and strengthen the internal energy of the body to enhance blood circulation.

It also uses various layers of pressure, Adjust the intensity, number, rhythm and rhythm of the press in response to physical conditions. Since the finger pressure stays on the human body for a long time, it is beneficial to the palpation of the body by the "health teacher".

Therefore, the "health teacher" can more accurately judge the current state of the body and make the most appropriate adjustments. Acupressure is a holistic operation of the whole body. Therefore, the "health teacher" performs a whole body examination at the same time in the course of operation. More importantly, through the systemic pressing, the customer (the person being treated) also has a body with his body.

Now, I will tell you these 7 features of Japanese Shiatsu,

1, the pressure is simultaneously diagnosed and diagnosed at the same time.

2, with the most natural hand pressing, without the need for mechanical equipment and drugs.

3, depending on the physical condition, there are few unpleasant feelings and side effects.

4, can be treated according to age and gender.

5, strengthen resistance to prevent diseases.

6, it can enhance the trust and integration between the implementer and the person being treated, and enhance each other's health.

7, the overall system operation effect, improve physical fitness.

If you want to know more about it, or get more tips or notes, just contact us for any questions you may have.

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