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Japanese Self Facial Massage

The skin care massage of daily life is one of the secret of Japanese women have beautiful skin. Double moisturizing cleansing daily care massage is the most important of them. Self facial massage at home is a real nice habit of many Japanese women's beauty option. When we mention facial massage, a lot of women friends will associate to beauty salon, SPA, etc. In Japan, the quantity of women who keening a facial massage at home is gradually increasing.

Practice has proved that in the midst of daily skin care to join the facial massage, can not only make the rosy, texture, and the effect of remove excess cutin. But it doesn't mean that as long as massage will get satisfied result, we have to notice when the massage is right, and understand that muscle's growth direction, etc., so as to maximize the massage skin care effect. The following will introduce you to self facial massage method can easily be performed at home!

The purpose of the massage

Massage by stimulating blood vessels for smooth circulation, help to keep the skin healthy.

Our head with a total of more than 30 muscles, because of them, we have rich and colorful expressions, and can chew food. In general, muscle repeatedly telescopic sports consumption and energy accumulation of waste. Massage can promote blood circulation, can improve gloss and elasticity of skin, make the facial present tight feeling.

The basics of self facial massage

Massage direction: operation is the foundation of massage in the direction of the muscle growth, so that we can improve the effect of massage.

Massage strength: To feel comfortable as basic principles, in order to get better massage effect, can according to the specific state of skin and face specific areas to adjust. For example, with thin skin around the eye, the massage dynamics can be slightly lighter, and cheek and facial contour as well as some hard.

Massage speed: in order to make the body blood circulation smooth, recommended as a reference for massage at the speed of the pulse.

In the following phenomenon should avoid massage:

Physical excessive dissipation

Sun appear after skin inflammation

Acne, acne inflammation, fester

When have a fever

Inflammation of the skin rash

With trauma, etc.

Massage technique

Use massage cream: it self massage, in order to prevent excessive friction of the skin, make massage more smoothly, you need to use massage cream.

Frequency of massage: massage is not necessarily on a daily basis, appropriate adjustment according to the actual state of the skin is very important. The original can start to try from twice a week. Excessive massage can make skin appear dry, peeling phenomenon. If the above situation, it is recommended that the appropriate massage strength, again in a while, and finally find the most suitable massage frequency.

Simple massage: this is a kind of easy operation and easy method for massage. Use simple massage method can to massage the whole face and neck, down from 1 to 7 complete to do later, again to repeat more about parts of the massage in Dubai.

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