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Is it effective to lose weight with oil massage?

In Dubai, essential oil massage is a very popular way to lose weight, but there are also many people who question whether it is really effective to lose weight with oil massage. Let's take a look at this way of losing weight with me.

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Is it effective to lose weight with oil massage?

Essential oil massage can help to lose weight, but it takes a long time to see the weight loss effect.

The massage itself has the effect of losing weight, because it can accelerate the blood circulation of the body, thus helping to lose weight. If it is accompanied by essential oils with weight loss effect, then the effect of essential oil massage to lose weight is very good. First of all, the essential properties of natural plant essential oils, the essential oils of this essential oil can make essential oils quickly absorbed by the body, accelerate the circulation of capillaries, enhance the function of lymphocyte detoxification, and transfer the body's fat.

When the essential oil is absorbed, it can effectively stimulate the secretion of appropriate amount of bile and accelerate the burning of fat. Then, the body's fat is activated by massage, so that it is often in a soft and easy to burn state. Even if the body usually lacks exercise and accumulates fat in various parts of the body, as long as the correct massage technique is used to superimpose the effect, the effect of slimming is more obvious.

In addition, the essential oil massage in Dubai is better for edematous obesity, and the massage technique is also very important. Essential oil massage to lose weight in order to have an effect is not as usual as we usually apply oil, and then random friction can be, in fact, still need to resort to a certain massage technique, specifically to stimulate some of our body's core area to achieve meridian communication, so If you choose to lose weight, it is best to choose some professional beauty salons or massage places. This is the best for our body. On the other hand, in Dubai, a body to body massage is also a good choice to make your body sexy.

How long does the essential oil massage lose weight?

In general, the effective time of essential oil massage to lose weight varies from person to person, but usually it takes a while to see the effect, and only one or two times can hardly see any effect.

Essential oil massage does not need to be done every day. Generally speaking, it is enough for the body to do it once every 3-4 days. The face can be used once a week. The essential oil massage is best done once a week, because we usually use skin care products on our face. It is not necessary to do too much oil massage, otherwise it will put a burden on the skin. For the body to do the essential oil massage, it can be more than the face, because usually our body rarely care.

The body massage can be done once every three or four days. After each massage, the body may feel a little painful. Our body needs a lot of rest. If the body oil is massaged with essential oils for a long time, the skin will be immune to essential oils, and the subsequent effects will become less and less obvious.

In addition, there are some things that need to be paid attention to in the massage of essential oils. Some essential oils are photosensitive essential oils, which cannot be seen. If they are applied on the skin during the day, it is easy to make the skin black and even cause skin diseases, such as citrus essential oils. And lemon essential oil is more sensitive to photosensitivity, suitable for evening use.

Although essential oils have weight loss effects, they are not suitable for everyone. For example, women during pregnancy and lactation are not suitable. Blind use of essential oil massage may cause endocrine system disorders. Not good for health. Some people's skin is sensitive. If skin test is not used before using essential oil, skin allergies may occur, causing burning sensation, itching and swelling, and even acne.

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