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In Dubai, Massage These Areas, Women Are No Longer Sex Frigidity

Many women in daily life have such a problem, that is, sex is frigidity. Frigidity will not only affect the harmony of the family, but also affect the female body to a certain extent. Therefore, for women with sexual frigidity, we must find suitable methods to adjust in time. What about women who are frigidity? How to deal with women's frigidityness? Can a body to body massage in Dubai service treat a woman's frigidity? Let’s take a look at improving women’s frigidity by massaging these parts.

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1. Massage on sensitive parts

Sexually sensitive parts refer to body straps or acupuncture points that can arouse sexual desire and excitement. It includes sexually sensitive belts and sensitive points. Women's sexual desire sensitive areas such as ears, neck, inner thighs, underarms, breasts, nipples and other parts are the most sensitive. When you do the full body massage in Dubai or only to the sensitive zone, the man should gently knead slowly, so that the woman has a comfortable feeling; when massaging sensitive points, you can press with your fingers to stimulate the woman's libido. In short, the principle is that the woman experiences a sense of happiness and comfort. Massage once a day.

2. Waist massage

Let women stand naturally, with their feet shoulder-width apart, press the sensitive point on the same side with the thumbs of both hands, quickly rotate the waist in a small amount, and bend to the left and right, while rubbing the palms of both hands back and forth from top to bottom, about 2-3 minutes , 2-3 times a day. And by the waist massage, you can also moisturize your skin at the same time.

3. Abdominal massage

Let the woman lie down, spread her legs shoulder-width apart, press the palms of both hands on the abdomen, and rotate them around 200 times to feel the slight heat, 2-3 times a day.

4. Full-body massage in Dubai

Sit with your legs straight and let go naturally. Put your hands behind your back to support your body, open your toes outwards, and at the same time support your body upwards when you inhale, that is, the torso and head back; then your feet Twist the tip inside and bend forward while exhaling, but keep your hands away from the ground. Do this full body massage 3-4 times. The above massage therapy can be performed alternately, but it should not be rushed, but should be persevering. As long as you persist for 1-2 months, it is completely possible to cure.


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