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In Dubai, Massage can remove the dark circles

In Dubai, due to the poor outdoor environment, high outdoor temperatures and strong sunlight, and occasional sandstorms, people will be particularly fond of staying indoors. But at the same time, there are many problems with long-term indoor activities. First of all, it takes too much time to spend in front of the screen. Mobile phones, iPad, computers, and TVs all expose people's skin to radiation. Moreover, the uninterrupted air conditioning in the room will also dry the skin. At this time, dark circles will appear.

Dark circles are due to eye fatigue and aging. The blood flow velocity of the venous blood vessels is too slow. The oxygen supply to the red blood cells of the eye is insufficient. The carbon dioxide and metabolic wastes in the venous blood vessels are excessively accumulated, forming chronic hypoxia, and the blood is dark and stagnant.

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In Dubai Massage can remove dark circles, and all the "pandas" who stay up all night must understand. Now I have several massage methods to get rid of dark circles, let's take a look.

How to massage to remove dark circles?

2, 3 minutes massage method.

The first 1 minute: 1 minute eye massage in Dubai. When washing your face. Use the middle finger to circle the eye counterclockwise. When you reach the temple, gently lift your eyes and gently press twice. Each time you wash your face, you can thoroughly clean the dirt and excess oil in the pores and increase blood circulation.

The second 1 minute: After cleansing, use eye cream or eye essence massage for 1 minute to prevent and reduce eye bags and dark circles. First, apply a thin layer of eye cream or eye serum around the eyes, then gently massage in the order of the inner corner of the eye, the upper eyelid, the end of the eye, and the outer corner of the eye until the skin is completely absorbed. During the massage, you can feel extra comfort when you press the end of the eye, the lower eyelid, and the eyeball.

The third 1 minute: Before the lunch break, make a simple 1 minute eye massage to help the blood circulation around the eyes. You can use your middle finger and ring finger to gently press your eyelids to soothe your eye tissue. Start at the bridge of the nose, gently press the eyelids with the middle finger, and press the inner corner of the eye to the end of the eye. Finally, starting from the outer corner of the eye, gently press the eyelid with the middle finger and press the end of the eye to the inner corner of the eye.

Remove dark circles precautions

1. If you can apply the viscous liquid in the vitamin E capsule to the lower eye skin for 4 weeks before going to bed every night, you can receive the good effect of eliminating the lower eye bags and reducing aging.

2. Stick figs or cucumber slices on the skin under the eyes before going to bed. If you stick to it, you can receive the cosmetic effect of reducing the lower eye bags.

3, papaya and mint dipped in hot water to make tea, often applied to the skin under the eyes after cooling.

4. Cut the apple into thin pieces and stick it in a place with dark circles. After a few days, you will notice that the dark circles are gone.

5, Spicy food, rest irregular, etc. will increase dark circles, regular life, drink more boiled water, help regulate the new generation of new generations, toxins excreted, slow the formation of dark circles.

6. Use the ring finger from the outside of the corner of the eye to the direction of the eye. Gently slide the massage gently by drawing a small circle. After a round, return to the corner of the eye and repeat 5 times to activate the skin around the eye.

7. Gently massage the eyebrows with your fingers, and lift the eyebrows up 5 times, let go, and then pull 5 times to help the muscles of the eyebrows.

8. Apply a layer of eye cream, then use the little finger to gently press the eye to the upper eye area from the end of the lower eye. The opposite direction can also be repeated twice. The force must be light enough to help the blood circulation accelerate, so that the skin care products are quickly absorbed.

9. Press the upper middle of the eye socket and the eyebrow with the middle finger and the ring finger at the same time. Press the eye to the end of the eye. The movement should be gentle to relax the tense muscles and repeat 3 times.

This is the best way to remove dark circle by Dubai Massage.

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