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How to massage and take care of your neck?

In Dubai, because of the daily pressure and the high pace life. People will feel tired after work frequently. A massage would be the best way to relax your body, but on the other hand, you may not get too much time to afford a body to body of full body massage in Dubai. At this time, you may try an easy neck massage in Dubai to relieve neck tension and apply massage cream. Slightly tweeting to one side, the palms close together, starting from the bottom of the ear, sliding along the neck to the collarbone. The intensity is not too big, mainly based on relaxation. This is repeated three times, and the other side is carried out in the same way.

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Dubai Massage Body to Body

After the massage, the hands are slightly separated, and the core area are gently pressed along the posterior cervical spine. At the time the neck massage would be so effective. Hold the hollow fist in both hands and massage from top to bottom with the small contact surface of the knuckles.

The pace of the massage should be gentle and slow, and a little force should be applied to the skin. Spread the palms and cover the back neck as much as possible, from top to bottom, and then massage the back and neck from the back to the back. It is best to have a higher hand temperature, which can be done with hot hands.

Massage when bathing or after bathing, the body temperature is high, can achieve twice the result with half the effort.

Dubai Massage neck considerations

Massage time, 20 to 30 minutes each time is appropriate, the number of massages is 12 times for a course of treatment. Before the massage in Dubai, you should trim your nails and hot water to wash your hands. At the same time, remove the items that are obstructive to the operation, such as the ring.

Do not massage immediately if you are emotional, such as anger, big joy, fear, and great sorrow. After eating, do not rush to massage, generally should be about two hours after a meal.

What posture is the most injured neck?

Fold your head and play with your phone. This sitting posture is a gesture of many people playing mobile phones and using tablets. The posture of the head is simple, so that the cervical spine is tired, and there is no support point in the back waist position, so that the waist is in a severe condition, and it is very simple to induce cervical spondylosis and lumbar spondylosis.

Hold your head and look at the screen. When using the computer to feel tired, many people will lean their heads on their hands and lean toward one side. This kind of action makes the neck in an inaccurate posture, which is easy to cause cervical spondylosis. This sitting posture is assumed to be too long, and the neck, waist, and back may feel uncomfortable, posing a risk of cervical and lumbar diseases.

Typing while on the phone. It is a lot of sitting posture to use a computer while making a phone call while working. This sitting posture, the body twists and turns, the pressure on the lumbar vertebrae simply causes lumbar spondylosis and hunchback.

How to protect your neck everyday?

1. More kites and more swimming

Bowing or leaning forward for too long can cause neck pain. Flying kites and swimming are good ways to relieve neck pressure.

2, Stand up and stand upright

Some people get used to hunchback when they are standing and stretch their necks forward, which will increase the force on the neck. The small movement of raising your head and chest can reduce the burden on your neck.

3, Wear a neck pillow when sitting for a long time

The comfortable and supportive neck pillow allows the sedentary person to pose in a correct posture with a correct curve. However, the neck pillow has only an auxiliary effect and cannot be used as a treatment.

4, Position of your sleeping

Health experts pointed out that the neck wants to rest completely and can only lie flat. People who are used to lying on the back can crush the middle of the pillow before going to bed, and the position of the neck should be raised; the height of the pillow is the same as the height of the fist. When lying on the side, the height of the pillow is the same as the height of one and a half fists, preferably 10-15 cm.

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