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How to get a muscle strain massage in Dubai?

In Dubai, people's favorite sport, besides horse racing, is football. Men in Dubai not only like to watch the ball, but also like to play football. On a variety of venues, we can often see adults or children playing again. Playing football is definitely good for the body, but occasionally it causes more or less damage, such as muscle strain is the most common problem. When the exercise is too intense, it is inevitable that muscle strain will occur. After the muscle strain, many people will first massage the injured part, then can the muscle strain be massaged? Which kind massage in better, full body massage in Dubai or a body to body massage in Dubai? Now, let me introduce some massage knowledge. Yamita is from Japan, knows the Japanese Massage in Dubai so well. You can contact us to book her amazing skill.

1, Can muscle strain be massaged? Muscle strain can be recovered with a massage. Muscle strain is a soft tissue injury. After soft tissue injury, the sympathetic nervous system is excited, the peripheral blood vessels contract, and the blood flow is accelerated. Moderate massage can accelerate blood circulation, promote blood coagulation, accelerate lactic acid metabolism, and improve pain and muscle spasms. 2, You can't get massage in Dubai when your muscle strain immediately After muscle strain, the capillaries in the injured area are easily broken. If you massage immediately, the damage will be aggravated, and the injured part will be unfavorable, and even more serious consequences will occur. 3, How long can the muscle strain be massaged? After the muscle has a strain, it can be massaged moderately 24 hours after the cold treatment, and combined with blood circulation, swelling and pain relief drugs. 4, Massage method of muscle strain. After muscle strain, you can use the method of shoving, light pinching, etc., slowly massage the injured part, which can relax the muscles well, but also relieve muscle pain, reduce muscle spasm, and avoid excessive massage, so as not to get The opposite effect. 5, Tips Once a muscle strain occurs during exercise, it is best to sit down and rest immediately to relieve muscle pressure, then apply ice for 15 minutes every 2 hours to help contract the blood vessels, reduce muscle tension and swelling, and then add to the injury. Press the bandage and place the injured area too high to avoid a large amount of blood flowing to the injured area.

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