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Healthy Key - Full Body Massage in Dubai

In Dubai, massage is applied to the body's muscle table, by the technique of Masseuses to adjust the body's physiological and pathological state. So as to achieve the effect of treatment and health care. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, ancient and modern medical point of view is different.

Among Our Masseuses , Honey can make the excellent Massage in Dubai !

Massage in Dubai

View of modern medicine:

1, massage can improve blood circulation. The parts of the organization by means of physical stimulation, vasodilation, blood flow is accelerated, capillary permeability increase by the help of Massage, which changed the circulation of the blood. So, after a massage self-induction fever, skin to become red, and elevated body temperature.

2, massage can eliminate swelling. Lesions often small vasospasm, thrombosis obstruction, etc, the resulting local venous and lymphatic circumfluence, make too much blood and tissue fluid and cause swelling stored up in here. Massage it increases the local vasodilation, collateral circulation and blood flow is accelerated, take partial excessive fluid, thereby eliminating the swelling. It's a bit like the city a road block, after management dredge the recovery of the unimpeded.

3, massage can reduce the pain. Pain is the cause of nerve endings by the following factors: local swelling pressure sensor of oppressive nerve endings. Tissue damage release some pain matter, stimulate the nerve endings of chemical sensors. Acid accumulation of local blood circulation, metabolism, and stimulate the local chemical sensors. In a word, the above factors can improve local blood circulation through massage. When you have a cold viruses and bacteria massage whole body discomfort caused by the toxins and water after sweating, urination and symptoms disappear, reason is similar.

4, massage can improve the body's resistance to disease. Increase massage after blood red and white blood cells, white blood cells in lymphocyte percentage increased, increased serum antibody, obviously improves the body's immune ability.

5, massage can promote tissue repair. Whether acute injury or chronic strain and tissue destruction are common in different degrees, tissue repair is also one of the purposes of massage. Due to sufficient local blood supply, after massage group got more oxygen and nutrients, ruled out again at the same time affect the metabolic product of tissue healing, to create the good conditions for tissue repair.

For because of injury and inflammation in patients with health care massage technique. Eliminate inflammation, party is the fundamental treatment of the disease, and in the process of treatment, the emphasis is on anti-inflammatory spasmolysis acetanilide. Uniform technique appropriate light soft, durable, deep penetration, unfavorable with passive movement first. Spasm by manipulation treatment of ease, relieve pain, and cooperate with passive movement appropriately again, cannot too big, can't speaking too nasty, conducted by small amplitude gradually into greatly.

Technique of stimulation can't increase the pain of the sick person, passive movement could not significantly increase unnecessary injury patients, patients should be considered as far as possible to achieve the most effective range. Execute other technique, also should first light after heavy, again from heavy to light, durable, deeply affected part, does not cause adverse effects, in this way can we truly achieve better treatment.

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