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Head Relaxing Massage in Dubai

In Dubai, so many people are struggle with the headache after work everyday. Some people make take pill to stop the pain. But I believe that there is another better way to do that, it is the head of body to body massage in Dubai. Do you know what a head relaxing massage is? There are many key areas in the head, so head massage is very necessary. Head massage has many advantages for us, but some precautions must be known. What is the head relaxing massage technique in Dubai? Let me talk about it

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The benefits of head massage in Dubai 1. The head is the most important part of human activities, managing people's thinking, movement, language, balance and other functions. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the head is the convergence of the twelve meridians, and that the pulse is open, which plays a very important role in controlling and controlling the life activities of the human body. 2. When the meninges and other tissues of the head are adversely affected by various reasons, headaches, dizziness, insomnia, multiple dreams, memory loss and other discomforts may occur, which seriously affect people's normal work and life. 3, head massage can also prevent neurasthenia, high blood pressure, neurovascular headache, facial paralysis, cold and other symptoms. Dubai Head Massage notes 1. When performing head massage, it is necessary to control the strength and time, and massage to the scalp to feel fever. 2. When massaging the temple, the strength of the thumb should not be too large. The main force should be on the other four fingers, not on the thumb. 3, the intensity of the massage, should be based on their own feelings, a little hard until there is a slight pain, but at the same time the feeling of sour is the most comfortable strength. 4, when doing massage, be sure to find the core area, or not only can not play the role of massage, there may be some counter-effects. The area seem to be very complicated and difficult to find. In fact, as long as the mobile press is pressed at the approximate position, you can feel the feeling of acidity, swelling and pain, that is, the position of the core area. 5, one thing to pay special attention to is that if it is a pain sensitive person, you should not to get a massage in Dubai. Because acupressure massage can put muscles in tension and feel pain more easily. Therefore, not only does it feel the comfort of massage, but only the pain and discomfort.

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