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Get Experience of Sports massage in Dubai

Combination of sports and health, which will promote each other and the development. Application in sports massage, also were developed, and gradually formed a sports massage. Sports massage is adjusted and protect athletes a good competitive state, potential energy and the development of athletes and achieve performance for the purpose. Massage at home and abroad in recent years, some of the practice shows that it is to create excellent performance has become more and more important role and significance.

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1.Sports massage Generally divided into sports training and sports competition, sports massage before these activities, called massage before exercise. It can cause the body's nerves, muscles, joints, to mobilize the internal organs and psychological mood, so as to adapt to the movement of the facing and the psychological burden, so as to prevent bacteria, improve the strength, to play a positive role.

2.Massage before training Before the massage in sports training, require the ability to help athletes improve training work. Help promote the development of physical quality, have to prevent disease, promote human body each organ is mobilized in the system, so as to adapt to the take part in sports activities. On the specific operation, must be based on the characteristics of sports, and the individual characteristics of the athletes. Some of the energy consumption more sports, middle-distance race, swimming, cycling, basketball, football, volleyball and so on, such as using the method of massage, to replace the need to consume energy preparation activities, it provides more energy for exercise.

3.Before the massage Sports competition before the massage, massage before name. Usually before the 15 ~ 30 minutes to complete. Sometimes, when athletes in competition. Status in the competition, in the event that some bad would happen, the need for medical treatment, that is to say, need to massage several days before the race. Before the race, for example, athletes are too nervous, not easy to fall asleep or sleep at night after much dream wake up, or nightmares disturbed, etc., affect athlete's sleep and rest. Because the night can not sleep, appear the day is depressed, irritable, poor appetite and other symptoms. This will affect the athletes to participate in the competition must be in good form. When this happens, you should be calm sleeping massage.

If insomnia for a long time, symptoms more athletes, massage, the use method of body to body massage. All these stimulus, don't too hard, with a slight acid bilges feeling. Usually for 20 minutes, or longer. Up before the game, athletes in the excessive excitement, restless, emotional, pulse, breath is forced, appear even more urine, the accuracy of the action and coordination are also affected by the bad, the result is that hinder movement technical level into full play.

4.After massage

After intense exercise training or competition, the athletes of nerves, body fluids, circulation, breathing, digestion, metabolism and acid-base balance, etc., all want to change dramatically, these changes at that time destroyed the balance of the environment within the body. But it was quickly reaching a new equilibrium, the new equilibrium, usually is a symbol of the growth of the body the ability to work. But, each function in the process of the system to balance environmental, sometimes slow link, the general performance are: spirit hypertension, insomnia, muscle tension, fatigue, etc. Movement after the massage, can be eliminated to these phenomena, and environment is reaching a new equilibrium in the acceleration, speed up for the moving load capacity, accelerate the completion of sports load behind.

Adopted by the movement after the massage technique, the size of the force and the length of time, shall be according to the characteristics of the athletes' physique, gender, sports, especially the requirements according to the movement after the reaction of situation (such as dizziness, weakness of limbs, muscle tension, insomnia, etc.) to decide. Need to follow the principle of individual treatment, not the same. We usually adopt the technique, a stroke, knead, push, vibration and jitter, etc. Physical strength, muscle plump, massage strength should be heavier, time should be longer. On the other hand, are less hard, time should be shorter. Athletes in the case of very tired, slowly massage, is often used to make sport ability get faster recovery, and improved. There are many kinds of massage, see is suitable for those. There are many advantages of massage, easy to learn. Operation is simple, economical and practical, but also can replace drugs. Such as some patients after using massage, can make the spirits, have the effect of doping, also can make patients to quiet down, have the effect of sedative.

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