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Facial massage can give women a better skin

In Dubai, now that we all love beauty more and more, a beautiful face is especially important. So how do we care for our faces? Except what we usually do such as wash and put on the cosmetics. You can also often massage your face after work. But Most people in Dubai may not know how to do it specially in the winter now. Many women now go to beauty salons for facial massage. Experts believe that the correct facial massage technique can help women retain youth and delay aging.

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So what are the benefits of facial massage for the face? Come and find out today. Let's talk about it in detail below. Clean the skin first. Wash your face before massage in Dubai. Clean the face with a milder facial cleanser or cleansing oil, wash with warm water, and then dry the face with a towel. Apply a thin layer of facial oil and y our fingers move smoothly over your face. After you complete these steps, your face will become tender and smooth.

You can use an oil that suits your face. For very dry skin, almond oil can be used as a facial massage oil, it will not clog your pores.

What are the benefits of facial massage?

1. Massage, not only facial massage but also body to body massage and full body massage in Dubai can help the skin absorb nutrients and promote blood circulation. Blood can bring nutrients to the cells, make the cells grow, and take waste and carbon dioxide in the blood out of the body to keep the skin clean.

2, Feed the fat cells of the subcutaneous tissue, make the skin firm.

3. Facial massage can increase the body temperature of the face, open the pores on the face, and discharge the sebum and dust from the pores. This can make the pores more comfortable and make the skin cleaner and healthier.

4. Massage can make the skin softer and smoother, and ease the speed of skin aging.

5. Massage helps to consume too much fluid in the tissue, thus reducing the swelling and depression of the skin.

6. Massage can improve the appearance of the skin, balance the secretion of the skin, and help maintain the proper moisture of the cells. The proper moisture can improve the skin texture and make the skin more moist and younger.

7. Facial massage in Dubai can also exercise the muscles and make them more healthy, so that the face can better absorb nutrients.

8. Massage can soothe and rest the nerves, energize customers and restore confidence.

9. Massage can relax tense muscles and reduce muscle pain.

10. Massage can loosen the necrotic cells and residues on the surface, easy to remove, and make the skin healthier.

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