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Experience a real nice leg Massage in Dubai.

In Dubai, people loves football more and more. After an intense match, a leg massage would be so essential to you. But do you know how to make your own leg massage in Dubai?

Among our Massage Girls in Dubai, Yuri will provide you the best massage experience for you.

Massage in Dubai Full service

If in 15 cm above the knee piled up a large amount of fat, so no matter how to massage the calf, gathered proud flesh will not disappear, and the accumulation of fat is very difficult to eliminate above the knee .If your knee inside concave and show two distinct vein, so that your legs is very young and healthy. If this area began to swell, the need to rule out to gather the impurities and toxins in the body. Step 1: promote blood circulation, eliminate the phenomenon of lower leg swelling 1, because of the effect of gravity, impurities and toxins in the body is always too much gathered at the bottom of the body. If the leg dropsy phenomenon is very serious, then do effectively detox massage first. 2, relieve edema area above the knee Rub with gentle massage effect products widespread around the knee, and then press gently with both hands rubbing. Will use both hands to rub up and a wide range, such as muscle and bone. Press the muscles above the knee, and then relax With both hands palm, on the swelling, will gather in 15 cm above the knee of fat. Changing the position of the hands to massage, until swelling elimination. 3, use knead gently push massage behind the knee, if press knead knee rear skin, appear bruise easily. The four fingers together, according to the way they paint the semicircle knead gently push. Each legs massage 5 times. 4, press gently knead round knee, with both hands thumb massage repeatedly knee according to draw circles. With a soft finger abdomen massage repeatedly, according to the direction of top-down, bottom-up, please be careful not to overexert. Massage the legs knee 5 times respectively. 5, above and below the knee point of zigzag massage, with his thumb in knee above and below, in accordance with the zigzag alternating massage, using finger abdomen massage repeatedly. Each knee massage 10 times. 6, to below the knee massage, with their thumb and the remaining four fingers into a v-shape. According to the v-shape repeatedly massage small legs, over 10 times, massage has been at the ankle. 7, massage the foot back, until toe root, pressing with thumb belly foot back, feeling as if through a small gap between bones, massage until toe root. Change the position massage repeated 15 times. 8, separated toes, comfortable living bones and muscles. Is a way of massage toe will be sufficient. Then can apply foot care products, and then gently press, can effectively inhibit excessive secretion of sebum.

Step 2: Get rid of impurities and toxins in the body from bottom to top

Massage downward from above the knee to the tips of my toes, this massage technique is effective to discharge of the impurities and toxins on the top of the knee. And then massage toward the opposite direction. Repeat this action 5 times. 1, adopt the way of twisted the faucet to remove accumulated within the toes of impurities and toxins Seize the toe root with the hand, twisted toes, like bone and subcutaneous tissue separation in general. This is can effectively remove the impurities and toxins in the build-up in the toe of a typical action. 2, will be deposited in a foot of impurities and toxins out upwards This is can be a foot toxins out of the way. From the foot to the medial crus, lateral to the order of the thigh, knee massage with hands. 3, push up rubbing the inside leg muscles thumb and other four fingers to make V, gently upward from the ankle part of medial leg press knead until 15 cm above the knee. 4, full massage inner thigh muscles Hold thigh skin with the hand, and then gradually massage and relax. Above the knee began to do massage, until their thighs. Repeat 3 times. 5, press the outer thighs and massage upwards, will hand in a fist, with the second joint is relatively hard on the lateral thigh. Might think the location of the massage as creases location. Repeat 3 times. 6, with the palm according to knead the thigh Using the whole palm the circle is drawn on the thigh, starting from the knee up fully knead pressure massage. Repeat 3 times is preferred. 7, finally beating the leg ministry skin to promote blood circulation, holding up the fist, knock in the prone to swelling of the knees 5 times. Starting from the knee knock gently until the entire thigh. Just rely on leg ministry curve and toes state can reflect the state of people's life Don't pay attention to pure natural also won't bother to care for the calf. And can be seen from the toe is the status of a person's state of mind. If you have no confidence, so the mind seems to "shrink", seems to be round and toes.

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