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Essential Oil Hot Massage & Spa, The ultimate experience of Thai massage in Dubai

Thai essential oil hot massage, combined with traditional genre massage techniques, includes Thai oil massage, Ayutthaya era Indian massage techniques and Western aromatherapy massage tradition.

Thai massage is a combination of temperature and herbal medicine, temperature and herbal massage to relax, stretch muscles, relieve fatigue and muscle pain. In the Ayutthaya era, the Indian massage technique can achieve the therapeutic effect through the combination of natural herbs and sauna.

Finally, the Western Aromatherapy Massage is a massage technique that helps to relax the body's nervous system, relax deep muscles and achieve body balance.

Amy is from Thai, she is the best Masseuse who can send you amazing body to body massage.

Dubai Massage Body to body

What are they?

Thai massage in Dubai

The most intense of the various massages, the masseur uses two hands, two arms, two feet and the weight of the whole body to roll, stretch and pull the user's body to stimulate the muscles and connective tissue.

Pain during the massage process, especially for the first time experience, may not be able to withstand the big movements of Thai massage, need communication and body relaxation.

Thai Spa

The treatments include body massage, spa treatments, facial maintenance, Thai natural herbal therapies and medications, aromatherapy oils, and a full body massage combined with Thai massage.

Not only is physical fatigue relief, but more importantly, the mind is also relieved and relaxed, allowing people to find inner harmony.

What our best option of Thai massage in Dubai?

Jasmine Revitalizing Milk Bath & Massage Essential Oil

Extracted from flowers. The main whitening brightening, wrinkle and anti-aging. Because it contains not only jasmine ingredients, but also purple rice extract to delay the natural oxidation process of the skin and Schisandra extract to prevent wrinkles from forming and restore youthful vitality. Any skin type is zero-burden with this massage oil, especially for dry, aging, scarring and stretch marks, which can improve skin texture and smooth wrinkles.

Rose Revitalizing Milk Bath & Massage Essential Oil

The main moisturizing repair is now in the autumn. For a dry skin, the south wind is slightly larger and the lips will be cracked, not to mention the dry north. Use Rose Massage Essential Oil to firmly lock in moisture and improve dryness, redness, itching and other skin conditions. Schisandra extract also plays a role in preventing aging and promoting cell regeneration; it can also improve varicose veins. Rose essential oil can relax and relieve tension.

Lavender Revitalizing Milk Bath & Massage Essential Oil

The main theme is soothing and calm. Lavender extract promotes sleep, improves mental health and calms mood. Massage with lavender essential oil after exercise can relieve and relax muscles.

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