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Enjoy a Real Muscle Relaxing By a Massage in Dubai

Try to massage your arms, the knees and legs, and press and extension on the muscles and joints, Will really help to balance your body, mind and spirit, and also promote blood circulation, respiratory system, nervous system, digestive system operating normally. The muscle skin metabolism. On a regular basis, to maintain the optimum condition of the human spirit and the flesh.

Massage mild pain can stimulate the body's pain caused by the material, temporary relief effect. But the long-term dependence and massage the wrong way can make muscles appear irreversible fibrosis response. Muscle is very resilient organization, and the massage technique including kneading, kneading, pressing, pat, are mechanical stimulation, if too hard, stimulate too long can lead to muscle fibrosis.

And this is why some people's muscle elasticity is very good, some people feel like wood, hard. Because muscle fibrosis can form connective tissue, muscle stiffness, not only can let the body's response to the pain become more sensitive, so sore body easily.

At that time, if continue to massage, you need the more pressure, hard to penetrate the connective tissue, to reach the muscle layer below, to obtain a soothing effect, if you find you need as more strongly to be comfortable, may have the muscle fibrosis, want to stop right away, also want to remind masseur reduce massage strength. In addition to by more vigorously, the result of the body easily, also let massage is higher and higher frequency, if there is no reason for fundamental processing, may exacerbate a vicious cycle of muscle fibrosis.

Massage is one of the health care methods, but not as a main therapy, ache often come from poor posture for a long time, or a lack of exercise, out of reach for all of these are depend on massage. If a short period of time due to work stress or poor posture of pure ache, can massage to relieve, but if no improvement after massage, may need to consider the body do you have any other questions.

No matter what kind of massage, don't too much for pain points to presses, had better use hand pressure, and try not to use your fingers to fashion. Often their DIY massage, clap a knock is aching body, massage is not restricted by space-time, and more can take hold.

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