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Enjoy a Full Body Oil Massage in Dubai

What can you get the most benefits from a weekend time in Dubai? I will say a full body oil massage, which is the essential oil massage we usually say, refers to the use of essential oils to massage the body. Including base oils and essential oils, and using some compound oils that have been blended, etc.

Linda is from Malaysia, she is the best essential oil masseuse from us.

Dubai Body to body massage

To apply the body parts and massage accordingly, this has the effect of relieving stress and relaxing the mood, and can have a certain effect on relieving fatigue and relieving depression.

A full body massage may be divided into 5 parts. For the head, back, chest, abdomen and the knee.

1. Head Massage

Massage the oil with your fingertips and massage the entire head with your fingertips. When you have a headache, massage around the bottom of the neck, then massage up the neck to the top of the head. The fingers should use a sliding massage action, and the force should be strong, so that the essential oil penetrates into the body.

2. Back Massage

Use the technique of sliding caressing and kneading. The force can be strong or weak, but don't massage on the spine. Starting from the inside of the back of the waist, the movements of both hands should be consistent and smooth, massage up to the shoulders and massage down to the outside of the back. Repeat this massage for many times. The longer the time, the more relaxed the body.

3. Chest Massage

It can relieve chest tightness, palpitation and other effects, as well as breast enhancement.

4. Abdomen Massage

Regulate the body's reproductive system, effectively balance endocrine.

5. Knee Massage

Push the knee with essential oil pressure, can move the joints, and effectively treat arthritis.

Suitable time for essential oil massage

If you just want to help promote the absorption of essential oil molecules, 1, 2 minutes is enough, pure essential oils and good plant carrier oil, absorption is very fast, especially essential oils, can be penetrated into the skin without a ten seconds.

Whether it is the body or the face, 15-30 minutes of massage is OK, if you want to do some massage in each part, the time can be extended, the whole body can be two hours.

Professional spa, just a hand or foot massage can be up to 1 hour. If you don't have enough time, just 5 minutes is better than none.

If it is sensitive, acne, inflammation, or damaged skin, it is not suitable for excessive massage, especially when the skin is very red and the inflammation is heavy. Pressing more will aggravate the skin problem.

If you want to know more about it, just contact us for any questions you may have.

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