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Enjoy a Facial Massage to Take Care of Your Face Skin

In Dubai, when people are about 30 years old, the facial skin slowly begins to have the sign of aging, the skin elasticity is weakened a little, and wrinkles begin to appear slowly. As time passes, wrinkles gradually deepen and bend. By the way, when the head is not right when sleeping, it will accelerate the aging of the facial skin, for example, sticking the face against the pillow, or the pillow is too high.

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Dubai Massage Body to Body

To prevent facial skin aging, a facial massage can be taken. This method can accelerate blood circulation and enhance facial muscle tension and protein metabolism. Using a moisturizer also helps maintain the youthfulness of the facial skin. Prepare a cleansing cream, massage cream (no massage cream, nourishment), hot water, towels, etc.

But massage in Dubai is not done once or twice to solve the problem, but to persevere, do it every night, not too long, as long as three or five minutes. Not only the face massage, but also some full body massage or body to body massage in Dubai.

Method: Put the cleansing cream evenly on the face, wait a while, then wipe off the cleaning cream with a paper towel, then apply the face with a hot towel two or three times. Use your index finger to pick out a massage cream and apply it evenly on your face. Massage (about 50 times for each part).

Step 1: By forehead

Use the index finger, middle finger, and ring finger of both hands to press up alternately.

Step 2: By eye circumference

The skin around the eyes is thin, so you must press very lightly on the eye, otherwise wrinkles will occur. On time, use only the middle finger's fingertips, moving up and down the eyelids from the inside out.

Step 3: Press the bridge of the nose

Use the fingertips of the middle finger to press up and down on both sides of the bridge of the nose. After massage, press up and down on both sides of the bridge of the nose. After pressing it, lick a few times from top to bottom in the nose.

Step 4: Press the cheek

Use your index finger, middle finger, and ring finger from your nose to your ears and press it up and down.

Step 5: Press the mouth of the mouth

First use two hands to remove the four fingers outside the thumb and alternately press down from the chin to the neck. Then press both hands back and forth on the left and right sides of the neck.

After these steps are completed, apply a little hot face to the face, then use a towel to clean the remaining massage cream on the face, then apply a layer of body lotion.

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