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Eight Attention For a Massage in Dubai

1, You need to prepare towel or bath towel before the Dubai Massage, and petrolatum a small bottle, a massage stick. Moreover, before Massage in Dubai, have to cut nails, in order to avoid scratch in patients with the skin. Should be in the selected place daub a few vaseline oil massage, to lubricate the skin, prevent the scratch.

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Dubai Massage Body to Body

2, with each end of the massage to make patients feel thirsty, to achieve after the massage to let patients drink warm boiled water about 500 ml to detoxify. 3, massage patients should wash feet with hot water first, then the whole body relax, emotional stability to lie on your back on the bed, double lower limbs should be straight. 4, foot has a sore furuncle, trauma, abscess, massage should avoid diseases. In the same part of the other foot or corresponding part of the hand massage. 5, long accepted foot massage, foot pain is often slow. At this time, with the potion soak my feet and a half hours, pain sensitivity increases, obviously improve the treatment effect will be well. 6, some patients may appear after massage therapy chills, fever, fatigue, diarrhea and other systemic symptoms, or make the original symptoms worse, this is a normal reaction after massage, can continue to adhere to treatment, a few days after symptoms disappear naturally. 7 and when massage, should avoid bone protuberant, lest against periosteum, unnecessary pain. 8, on an empty stomach, or an hour after the meal, unfavorable for massage treatment.

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