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Dubai Massage your feet to detoxify

The toxins in the body are always in a state of accumulation. Toxins are accumulated all the time. No matter what food we eat or contact with foreign objects, it will gradually increase the toxins in the body, and once the toxins accumulate to a certain extent, it will definitely endanger our health, so in normal times, we must do a good job of detoxification, so do you know any ways to detoxify? Massage the feet or a body massage in Dubai at home can have a detoxification effect, and some related data also show that it is really effective.

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Massage in Dubai
Dubai Massage Body to body - Helen

Why massage the soles of the feet can hydrolyze the detoxification effect

There are a lot of acupuncture points on the soles of the feet. If you massage of the feet, it can promote blood circulation and allow the body to secrete a lot of hormones. The secreted hormone is called adrenaline. This substance can increase the metabolic rate. In addition, when the metabolic rate in our body increases, it will help us to get rid of the implants in the body, thereby detoxifying.

Because increasing metabolism is a way to promote detoxification in the body, so after we massage the soles of the feet, we can directly choose to drink a glass of warm water, which will increase the metabolic rate and promote blood circulation better, so we want to pass the soles of the feet. If you massage to detox, remember to drink a glass of warm water. But you have to note that, if you get a muscle strain, you should not do the massage directly.

Common detox methods

Sports perspiration

There are many ways to detox, and for the body, sweating is also a way to detox, because toxins will be excreted from the body with sweat. So in normal times, we can choose to jog for half an hour every day to make the body sweat, which leads to the detoxification effect.

Massage to detox

Massage can help us expel the toxins accumulated under the skin by soaking, and it will expel the carbon dioxide remaining in the body. In addition, when the body is tired, a hot bath followed by a full body massage in Dubai can also reduce fatigue.


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