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Dubai Massage to relieve the symptoms of snoring

Snoring not only affects the sleep of other people, it is also a sign of unhealthy body of you. So, can massage the head be able to cure snoring? The following is a method of Dubai massage at Home to cure snoring, you might as well take a look. In different parts of our body, the types of massage are also different, and different areas of massage will have different health care effects. For people with snoring symptoms, it may be used by massage of the head and neck will have the effect of treating snoring.

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Massage method:

Place the fingertips of the two hands on the top of the forehead, gently and firmly knead the hair, beyond the front bun line, temple position and temples, slowly back to the head management center, and continue to massage for about 3 minutes, and then manage from the head again In the center, slowly adjust to the back of the neck, very behind the ears and the tip of the skull. The time is also 3 minutes.

Grasp and pinch both sides of the back of the neck with the left and right hands, from top to bottom, for about 2 minutes. The posture should be relieved, with moderate strength.

Use the belly of your finger to press slowly and gently 20 times from the top to the bottom of the occiput. Keep your thumbs stationary and rotate the neck on both sides and massage hard for 1 minute. If you don’t have a chance to get a massage at home, you can also go some massage center nearby, to get some professional Full Body Massage in Dubai.

Other effective ways to treat snoring


1. Choose the right pillow

If the pillow is too high, it is easy to snore, and when it is low, it will also snore. Therefore, the pillow should not be too low or too high, so as to facilitate the smooth flow of the airway. Of course, the pillow shouldn’t be too hard. If the pillow is too hard, it’s uncomfortable to rest your head. It’s better to be softer.


2. Drink honey and olive oil before going to bed

Both honey and olive oil have the effect of moisturizing the throat, making the respiratory tract unobstructed. Two spoons of honey is enough, and olive oil can be drunk directly, but not too much.  

3. Don't smoke or drink before going to bed

Do not smoke or drink before going to bed. Smoking and drinking will increase blood pressure and relax muscles, including the respiratory tract. The respiratory tract becomes narrow. Smoking when the resistance is low will cause inflammation and swelling of the throat, which will block the respiratory tract, which is not conducive to breathing. It's easy to snore, so don't smoke or drink before going to bed.


4. Drink plenty of water   

Dryness can cause snoring. Drinking more water can moisturize your throat and relieve snoring to a certain extent.


5. Strengthen exercise

Generally speaking, obesity will cause narrowing of the isthmus of the throat, and polyps in the upper jaw will cause snoring. People who are overweight will generally snor. Obesity will cause the soft palate to droop, sway, the root of the tongue, and the nasal polyps are also frequent. 


6. People who are obese while sleeping on their side are best to sleep on their side.

Due to obesity, the soft palate, sag, tongue hypertrophy, and nasal polyps are also many. These symptoms all lead to the blockage of the breathing passages when sleeping on the back, which will definitely hit you. Snoring, so avoid lying on your back (lying on your back) and try to sleep on your side. Not only massage is helpful for snoring, at the same time, it is also helps you relieve insomnia!

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