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Dubai Massage Methods for Weight Loss

In the hot Dubai summer, every beauty wants to wear it cool, but if there is a lot of meat on your body, you lose a bit of confidence. Your body, especially the belly and ass, is the most prone place to grow fat. If you want to lose the fat on your belly, you can try a full body massage in Dubai.

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Dubai Massage Full Service
Helen, Sexy girl of Dubai Massage

There are many ways to lose weight, and different people may need to adopt different ways to lose weight. Many ladies in Dubai who love beauty and hope that they can have a slim body. However, due to various reasons, we cannot always maintain a beautiful figure. So what do we compare weight loss methods? Now I recommend a massage weight loss method to help you lose weight. And before you get the massage in Dubai, you have to make some preparations for it.


1. The right leg is bent, stretched and fractured, and the left leg is naturally bent. Place the right elbow on the bony joint and bend the thigh where the pelvis is connected. Clench your right hand gently, hold the right hand with your left hand and press down forcefully to make it encounter a strong stimulus. If you alternate the upper body back and forth while stepping, the effect of weight loss on the upper body will be more obvious. Massage down to the arch of the foot.

2. Invert the right leg and massage the muscles on the outer thigh. Use the lower part of the right arm to push from the pelvis to the direction. If your arms are not close to your thighs, you can use your thumbs to push and rub. Lift forward and massage the tangled muscles at the back of the thigh. Use four fingers to massage the middle part of the entire muscle from the pelvis to the bones.


Put your hands on the back and massage the vertebrae firmly up and down. Relieve tension in the waist and enhance kidney function. For the back massage in Dubai, it will be so effective to promote the health condition.


Use the thumbs of both hands to press the deep recessed place between the ribs, and massage from both sides to the middle direction. Use the same method to massage the ribs under the armpits to every part of the pelvis. Appears, but you must keep doing it until the symptoms disappear.


Breathe naturally, stretch your hands toward you, and then draw a circle in a clockwise direction to rub the abdominal muscles around your belly button. In principle, it should be repeated 36 times, at least 8 times or more, and it can stop until friction heats up.

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