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Dubai Massage helps you to deal with stiff neck

In Dubai, stiff neck is a so common small problem in life, mainly because the posture is not correct when sleeping, or the pillow is too high to cause muscle spasm caused by poor blood circulation in the shoulder and neck. In addition, if you sleep when you are overworked, it is relatively heavy. Or because of the hot climate in Dubai, if you sleep in an air-conditioned room without covering the quilt and catch a cold, these may cause stiff neck. After stiff neck, the best and easiest method to faster recovery is a Dubai Massage at Home.

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Massage in Dubai Full Service
Dubai Massage Full Service - Yamita

After stiff neck, there will be soreness and stiffness in the shoulder and neck. The most obvious reaction is that the speed of turning the head is affected and becomes slow, as if the neck is out of control. The symptoms can be recovered in a day or two if the symptoms are mild, but the symptoms are severe. It takes two or three days to recover, and no special treatment is needed after stiff neck, and the effect of drug treatment is not very satisfactory. It can be treated by a full service massage in Dubai or hot compress.

If you find that you have a stiff neck after waking up, it is best to use a towel to warm the area of ​​the stiff neck in time. At the same time, you should also massage by your hands frequently to reduce the feeling of soreness. The main reason is that massage can promote local blood circulation and reduce the stiffness of the neck. The operation is simple and convenient, you can do it yourself, you can use it while watching TV or working, there is no limit to the number of times, the more frequent the massage, the more helpful the recovery of the stiff neck.

We can stand behind the person with stiff neck, lightly press the neck with fingers to find the most painful point, and then use one thumb to start from the top of the side of the neck to the shoulder and back, massage in turn, and massage the most painful point until it feels obviously sour, it means that the strength is enough, so repeat the massage 2 to 3 times, and then tap the massaged part with a hollow fist, and repeat 2 to 3 times. Repeated massage and tapping can quickly relax the spasm neck muscles and relieve pain.

Rotate the neck: You can sit or stand, first turn the neck to the left as much as possible, look at the left shoulder with both eyes, holding for 5 seconds, turn the neck to the right, look at the right shoulder, and rotate 20 times each.

Make the person with stiff neck feel sore, and then tap the massaged part with a hollow fist, repeat 2 to 3 times. Repeating the above massage and tapping can quickly relax the spasmodic neck muscles and relieve pain. Doing it once a day can relieve pain very well. If no one else can help, you can also use self-massage: massage vigorously on the neck with the palms of both hands until the area becomes hot. Not only neck, you can also do some head massage or eye massage, it is also good for your stiff neck.

You should also pay more attention in your daily life, develop a good life pattern and work and rest time, don’t stay up late at night, try not to sleep on a too high pillow, and don’t lie in bed before going to bed to read a book or play with your mobile phone, otherwise you will fall asleep while playing. When you are in the wrong position, it is very likely to cause stiff neck. Don't stay in an air-conditioned room for a long time in summer to prevent your body from catching a cold and causing discomfort.

You should also insist on doing some physical exercise at ordinary times, which can strengthen your physique and resist diseases. In particular, the joints of the body should be more active, such as twisting the waist or twisting the neck more, which can promote the blood circulation of the joints, and have a good eating habit, eat more fresh foods rich in vitamins If you have the fruits and vegetables, you can go to the hospital for a regular physical examination if you have the conditions, and if there is an abnormal situation, you can treat it in time.


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