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Do a right Massage strength, Get a Better Effect

What kind of massage strength is the most effective

In Dubai, Massage technique has certain limit, the strength of the size must accord with human body mechanics and physiological characteristics of soft tissue, make massage technique on the human body after can form a benign stimulation and induction, can maximize meridian nerve adjustment function, and can avoid obvious damage to the human body tissue. Here to teach you how to master the massage strength.

For example, in the process of using foot reflection zone massage cure diseases, treatment effect is satisfactory or not, in addition to reflection area accurately, the key problem is the size of the force. If too small to foot massage dynamics are not the corresponding effect, but only slightly health care effect, if too much is not accepted by patients. So to alleviate the suffering of the patients' pain, notable curative effect, how to grasp the dynamics, is particularly important.

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Dubai Massage Body to Body

Massage strength vary from person to person

Massage strength if too hard, vicious stimulation, can produce a prohibitive inhibition signal and reduce the technique, but also easy to cause tissue damage. Weight, massage technique strength can vary from person to person. For example, a thin, frail body can be hard. Body fat, body strong person should be appropriate increase strength. Do not force is too small, no feeling, but also should not be too hard, hurt the skin and internal organs. All in all, after the massage, if you feel comfortable, relaxed, hard degree is appropriate.

Massage strength is usually made of light to heavy

Massage strength is usually made of light to heavy, use first rub moves slowly and let the skin and nerves have a subject to adapt to the process, and then efforts can slightly increased a little, just a bit bigger than before, even at the same time pay attention to the acceptance and the natural reaction to patients, if there are any frown or the feeling of discomfort. If not, when I was in the third time can again a little bit more, avoid by all means don't fit is very heavy. Wait for the operation place massage, live, can be said that the strength is the best.

First massage, efforts must be appropriate.

Massage technique strength, the more painful the more effect, this is a lot of people about the massage of a serious mistake, people were massage at the beginning, often feel very painful, but feel comfortable, slightly longer time, is not enough like, comfortable feeling also fell. Actually, this is not a lighter, but in the heavier under the action of external force, local muscle fatigue, less resilient, reduced sensitivity to pain. Massage as a kind of external force, can regulate body and treatment of disease.

In addition to the corresponding acupuncture points and the stimulation of meridians, also is this the way to implement part is soft, for the body to adapt and accept, have the effect of benign adjustment. Massage there are four basic requirements: strong, soft, uniform, continuous, it is very important to the soft, it is also a massage and not soft, not for the body to adapt to and accept the difference of "foreign" violence. Therefore, only when the massage technique and flexibility, can play a maximum therapeutic effect. And insisting that technique, tend to cause damage to the patient, not only no therapeutic effect, can accentuate against illness.

Another myth is that of massaging the timing for the treatment of pain. Some people a pain immediately went to massage, think that the earlier massage can eliminate pain, actually in the acute phase of pain, especially the local tissue swelling significantly, as far as possible do not accept any massage, otherwise easy to cause acute fasciitis, aggravating illness, prolong the pain. Whether the massage work, should not be measured in pain or not, in general when massage local has a fever or soft feel, the whole body sweating slightly, facial redness, burp and fart performance, suggests that has been achieved effective massage strength.

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