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Control Your Blood Pressure by Massage in Dubai

In Dubai, the temperature in summer is much higher than other cities, and the impact on the human body is also very large. Women should learn to adjust their bodies in summer, especially those with high blood pressure. I believe that in Dubai massage can lower blood pressure. Women must learn how to stay healthy in the summer and I will teach you how to cultivate a healthy body by some massage technique and how should women lower their blood pressure in summer. Let's learn how to lower blood pressure by a full body massage in Dubai. don't you want to try it?

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Massage in Dubai Summer to lower blood pressure

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Hypertensive patients can try massage to lower blood pressure during their daily leisure. Use the palms of both hands to rub both sides of the head back and forth, you can apply a little pressure, rubbing and pressing. Every time you perform antihypertensive massage, you need to keep rubbing and pressing 30 times, which can effectively regulate blood pressure and let the increased blood pressure fall slowly.

The method of massage can also be started from the forehead. This action is simple and effective. Health experts recommend that patients with hypertension choose a time every day, insist on using the index finger, middle finger, and ring finger of both hands to wipe from the center of the forehead to both sides, all the way to the edge, and then start massage, touch 50 times each time, Until the forehead felt slightly warm.

You also need to find a comb for massage and blood pressure reduction. Immediately, patients with hypertension can hold the comb in one hand, or directly bend their fingers and comb directly from the top of the eyebrow to the top of the head. Patients who replace the comb with their hands should remember to Separate your fingers and insert them into the hair, until you touch the scalp. This action is done 30 times, and it can also have a health effect.

The most effective way to control blood pressure is to use the palm of your fist to face the corresponding waist and back, and roll up and down slightly. This kind of body massage in Dubai can be performed before going to bed and after getting up every day. The effect of blood pressure, and when rolling, the amplitude can be larger. Women must learn health methods in summer, not only for health but also can eliminate fatigue and improve beauty.

1. Living regularly

When summer comes, the temperature rises, the skin stretches, the peripheral blood supply increases, the sweat gland secretion also increases, and the body organs load increases, but the central nervous system has a sedative and hypnotic effect, and the limbs feel sleepy. Don't try to sleep lazy at this time. In order to adapt to this climate change, you should go to bed early and get up early in your daily life, often go for a walk outdoors, in the forest trails, in the woods, and integrate with nature.

The climate in summer is changeable, meanwhile, the skin surface of the human body is loose, and the resistance to foreign evils is weakened, so don't take off your thick clothes when summer comes, especially for the elderly and the frail.

2. The spirit must be sufficient

People's spiritual activities must adapt to changes in the climate. The season when the human body is most affected by the season is the hot season. Some people cannot adapt to the changes in the summer climate and are prone to psychosis. Modern medical research shows that bad emotions can easily cause neuroendocrine system dysfunction and immune function decline, which can easily lead to mental illness, liver disease, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and infectious diseases. Therefore, summer should pay attention to emotional health, maintain an optimistic and cheerful mood, and play a role in disease prevention and health care.

3. Pay attention to regular exercise

After entering summer, it is necessary to adapt to the characteristics of weather and temperature, and strengthen exercise. You can go running, boxing, doing exercises, walking, flying kites in the fresh air, let the body fully stretch, and lay a good foundation for a year of work and study. . Practice has proved that people who regularly participate in exercise in summer have strong disease resistance, quick thinking, not easy to fatigue, and high efficiency.

4. Keep your body warm

As summer comes, the weather gets warmer, and pathogenic bacteria, viruses, etc. grow and multiply, so infectious diseases such as influenza, measles, epidemic meningitis, scarlet, pneumonia, etc. are most likely to occur. Because the climate in summer is erratic, cold and hot, and people have weak metabolic functions, they cannot quickly adjust their body temperature. If you wear thin clothes, you may be susceptible to diseases and endanger your health if you neglect. Middle-aged and elderly people with high blood pressure and heart disease should pay more attention to cold and warmth to prevent strokes, myocardial infarction and other diseases.

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