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Benefits of rose oil massage in Dubai

What are the benefits of using rose oil massage in Dubai? Now more and more people know the essential oil massage, and some of them get bigger interest in the oil massage.

So people in Dubai is would like to try and get the experience of the rose oil massage. There are many benefits of using rose oil massage, do you know that? Today Let me introduce you to the benefits of using rose oil massage, come and see it!

Linda is from Malaysia, she is good at body to body massage in Dubai.

Dubai Body to body massage

Benefits of massage with rose oil

1 Nourish the skin

For facial massage

Of course, there are so many benefits in facial oil massage. Take 2 drops of rose essential oil with 2 drops of sandalwood oil and add it to 5 ml of massage base oil. 1-2 times a week facial skin massage can effectively moisturize facial skin, help facial skin to maintain moisture, and make facial skin full and translucent. .

Body massage with rose essential oil can keep your body's skin moist and moist, smooth and soft, improve the skin's rough and slack, and help your body stay elastic. Massage the body with rose oil, the same as the method of massaging the face.

2. Relieve pain

Take 4 drops of rose essential oil and 4 drops of geranium essential oil, drip in hot water, then soak the towel in hot water, apply it to the lower abdomen to relieve dysmenorrhea. Or take 2 drops of rose essential oil and 2 drops of geranium essential oil into 5 ml massage base oil, gently massage the lower abdomen clockwise, can also effectively solve the menstrual period of dysmenorrhea.

3. Soothe the mood

Massage with rose oil can soothe your mood, because when using rose essential oil, the body smells the aroma of rose essential oil, it will enter the brain and make the brain happy, so that you can relax and relieve daily stress.

4. Improve hair quality

After washing your hair and blowing your hair to a semi-dry, take a few drops of rose essential oil, apply it to the end of the hair, and then gently massage to help improve hair quality, effectively relieve hair yellowing, split ends, hair lice, etc. .

Massage notes with rose oil

1. Undiluted rose essential oil should not be in direct contact with the skin. Because rose essential oil is generally a single essential oil, the concentration of single essential oil is relatively high, and it will stimulate the skin directly, so it is recommended to use it after dilution.

2. Before using the rose oil massage, be sure to carry out an allergy test, that is, take a drop of diluted rose essential oil, apply it to the skin behind the ear or on the inside of the arm, and the skin becomes red and hot within 24 hours. Allergic to rose essential oil, not recommended.

3. Rose essential oil is a topical skin care product and should not be taken orally.

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