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Do you know these 4 amazing effects of Thai massage ?

After a whole work day, you may want a complete relaxation to your tired body extremely. So what is a real suitable relaxation? Here, we recommend you a traditional and effective method - Thai massage. In Dubai, Thai massage is very famous and varied. It can be chosen different kinds according to your own requirements without any constraint.

Dozen years ago, People have to go to Thailand to experience the authentic Thai massage personally with such a high cost. But this can also confirm the charm of Thai massage. Now, because of our masseuse form native Thailand Amy, and other masseuse keeps learning Thai massage techniques. You can enjoy the authentic Thai massage by a phone call or 30 minutes taxi distance. I will introduce the big four effects of Thai massage to you.

Initially, to adjust the viscera function. Thai massage is applied to certain parts of your body, can adjust the internal organs function. By receiving the pressure method, it can promote blood circulation, increase coronary blood flow, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, qualified to regulate visceral functions.

At the same time, by help of proper stimulation, can raise the pain threshold of local organizations, it will fully stretch he nervous muscle to relieve its tension and spasm, eliminate the pain, recover muscle fatigue. All in all, massage can adjust visceral function, relaxes the muscles and stimulate body pain, etc.

Secondly, health care function. Thai massage can relieve fatigue, restore energy, improve the body circulation, enhance the body's immunity. To take massage , can make your vessels expansion, enhance the permeability, decreases resistance of vessels wall, smooth blood flow, and thus reduce the burden of heart, make the heart beat strong, breath and blood pressure smooth.

It will also be able to accelerate lymph flow, and can promote lymph circulation, promote the absorption of edema and exudation, thus improve the body's immunity, prevent bacteria invasion and muscle atrophy. Thai massage, can eliminate fatigue and maintain muscle elasticity, make the person recover soon, keep energetic and be back into the normal working condition sooner.

Thirdly, beauty function. As we know, Thai massage can accelerate the body's metabolism, make the body fat burning into heat and excrete body outside, reduce the accumulation of fat in the body. Can improve muscle elasticity to make skin smooth and glossy. Massage technique applied to the skin, can make the skin capillaries expansion and open up, strengthen the sebaceous glands, sweat gland secretion. Thus can remove facial pigmentation and eliminate facial acne. Massage can also make the skin white and bright, full of elasticity and gloss, reduce wrinkles, keep youth.

Because the skin coarse, wrinkles, acne, etc are mostly related to the endocrine system, and the massage can stimulate subcutaneous nerve directly. Through nerve reflex arc, spread to the brain to regulate sebaceous glands and sweat gland secretion, and promote cell ion balance inside body, improve microcirculation, so as to achieve the effect of beauty!

Fourthly, enhanced physique, prevent disease. The people who long time engaged in mental works, easy to form the body weakness, fatigue, dizziness, insomnia, depression, etc. Moreover, people who maintain a working posture for a long time will be easy to cause spinal deformation, bone hyperplasia, soft tissue injuries, muscle fatigue, etc. All of these, also can be improved through health care massage. Massage to stimulate the body's muscle nerve, the information will transport to the brain, after analysis from brain, it will adjust the nerve and then spread to certain parts of the body.

This can adjust the excitement or inhibitory process to maintain relative balance state, to restore the normal physiological function of human body. Through the Massage technique, you can relax the intramuscular, make yourself physical comfortable, metabolism would return to normal and refreshed, thus enhances the body's physical fitness. Massage can also accelerate lymph flow, promote the formation of lymphatic circulation. On the other hand, it will save myocardial energy consumption, improve cardiovascular function and circulation, reduce the accumulation of cholesterol in the blood vessels, reduce blood viscosity, thus improve the body's resistance to disease, such as diabetes, coronary heart disease, high blood pressure. At the same time massage can have certain treatment function. So, the health care massage has enhanced physique, heal and disease prevention.

After this introduction of four big function of Thai massage, I believe that you will have certain understanding of it, so do you want to experience an authentic Thai massage in Dubai at Your Home?

At last, I will show you a picture of our Thai masseuse Amy. She is the best massage girl in Dubai!

Dubai Thai Massage

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