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A kind of new style massage in Dubai - Lomi Lomi

What can you expect for a holiday in Dubai? Shopping, hiking, sport, and the most exciting, beach and sea. Dubai gets so many charming beach. The Jumeirah open beach, Al Mamzar beach and somewhere else. After a happy swimming time, how can you deal with your tired muscle? The best answer is a Beach style massage - Lomi Lomi massage.

In Dubai, this open style massage is not as famous as Thai massage or Japanese massage, but the experience of it is even more enjoyable. Lomi lomi, meaning "massage therapist" in the Hawaiian language, is the word used today to describe Hawaiian massage, traditionally called lomi, meaning "to rub, press, squeeze, massage; to work in and out, as the claws of a contented cat". Lomilomi is a holistic healing tradition beyond simple massage.

The feature of Lomi Lomi massage

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi is one of the most classic massages. It is special for massage with one arm, which is more powerful and allows the muscles to relax sufficiently. Lomi Lomi means massage in Hawaiian, but this massage is full of "love" emotions. It need the masseuse who is not only relaxing your body, but also putting beautiful feelings and wishes into the massage.

In some places, before accepting a Hawaiian massage, the masseuse will ask you what part of the body you want to heal, or your physical condition. So she would pray for your expectations before starting a massage, and will also ask you to imagine that your body is returning to its best state, especially the weaker part, during the massage. This kind of meditation involved in the massage is also very good for the body.

Merry is our best masseuse with the skill of Lomi lomi, can make every details perfect on your body.

Dubai Body Massage

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage is also the most classic massage techniques and has a great place. Many people who have experienced Hawaiian massage will feel like a wave of body, which is very relaxing and refreshing. Another feature is that it can be massaged continuously in the body, that is, it not only concentrates on a certain part of the body at a certain moment, but can simultaneously massage to different parts of the body. It can also accommodate more masseurs at the same time. The most amazing thing is that you won't feel uncomfortable because many people massage at the same time. Because of the good hands, the four hands are all a loving and harmonious massage.

Lomi Lomi massage is good for both body and mood, promotes blood circulation, brings more nutrients into muscle cells, stimulates lymphatic system detoxification, and is especially useful for helping injured ligaments and muscle recovery. In terms of emotions, Lomi Lomi massage can eliminate the negative thoughts of anxiety, worry and fear.

Traditional Lomi lomi today

Lomi lomi is now a common and popular massage modality throughout the world, especially in Hawaii, Japan and Europe and of course Dubai.

Many traditionally taught lomi lomi practitioners find it virtually impossible to offer authentic lomi lomi in a spa setting and are unwilling to work in most spas or massage offices. They prefer to treat selected clients quietly and privately, often in home settings. Lomi lomi practitioners may also ask their clients to pray, meditate, change their diets, and engage in other self-help activities usually believed to lie outside the scope of massage in an effort to truly help the clients obtain optimal health.

Unlike traditional lomi lomi kupuna (elder) recognized by the Hawaiian community who require students to study with them for years, some massage schools around the world purport to train therapists in lomi lomi in a few hours. Some massage therapists may practice what they call lomi lomi and incorporate techniques from other massage modalities during the session. While often pleasant, this style of massage is very different from authentic lomi lomi.

Now, you should get some notice of Lomi lomi massage in Dubai. If you want to know more about it, or get more tips or notes, just call us for any questions you may have.

Body to body massage in Dubai

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