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6 Methods to make your legs slim by Massage in Dubai

In Dubai, girls would like to make their leg thin and slim, they may use medicine or some facilities, but the best way may be the massage your legs.

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Pat massage Finger tight gathering in hollow state, from the beginning of the ankle with rhythm, the upward with both hands, from bottom up to pat. After the right leg, left leg in the same way. This flap along the lymph of the leg, massage, can make the lymph nodes of the leg and the circulation of the blood is more clear. And through the appropriate massage, can eliminate the phenomenon of leg heaviness and edema.

Raise the massage Everyday can sit on the ground, raise right angles, a foot to flap in the left leg, can do 5 minutes per side. When holiday, might as well use the bath salt on market in bath crock, make crus soaked for a period of time, it can be flabby. After the bath to also want to flap in lower leg movement, accelerate the blood circulation.

Scrapping the massage Every night after bath, on the leg with baby oil or olive oil lubrication, with scrapping plate (or wooden comb the son back, sleek spoons, etc.) and shave the legs, upward from the ankle has been blown, each side leg under 100, can promote the blood circulation, to the effect of edema.

Closed circle massage From the ankle to the thigh root massage, hands synthesis, trapping the calf leg up, under the knee nest where you push hard on the 7, on the center line of the side before ham from knee has been pressure to the thigh root, in the groin slightly with the outside of the palm of your hand you push hard on the can.

Point massage Sitting on the bed, knees bent, one hand hold three Yin cave and Yang auxiliary hole above the ankle, slowly massage around 6.And knead until above the ankle and red hands, within the last three vaginal intercourse is located in the calf parapodum medial malleolus top 3 inches. While body is located in the external ankle top 4 inch, massage with two acupoints can promote the circulation of blood, and the secretion of hormones

Lymphatic massage. Hands to ham direction from the ankle, massage the inside of the leg movement, repeat 3 times, until feel legs fever, and then five fingers open, hands on thighs containing some massage. Containing concentrated part of lymph nodes, many massage can promote metabolism, reach the role of drainage burning fat

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