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5 most useful methods of foot massage in Dubai

In Dubai, it is bad situation that people are getting fatter and fatter than before. So for your health, do you want to lose weight, specially for the ladies? You can also lose weight by massage your body, special for the feet. By the body to body massage, you will get a better condition than now for sure. Here are a few ways to massage your feet to help you lose weight.

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Dubai Massage full body service

When the organs or glands in the body are abnormal, there will be crystalline deposits in the reflex areas of the feet (pain points). Each pain point has a different tactile response, some are like sand, some are granular, and some have only the feeling of swelling. When stimulated, it will naturally expedite the removal of toxins and wastes deposited around the tissue, thus achieving a therapeutic effect.

The following 5 kinds of foot massage in Dubai methods, as long as you insist daily, can make you lose 10 pounds a month.

1, tap the soles of the feet

Strike the soles of your feet with your fist before going to bed each night, which can eliminate the fatigue of the day and promote blood circulation throughout the body.

Practice: Take the soles of the feet as the center, perform rhythmically, with a degree of pain, about 100 times per foot, and complete the exercise for about 2 minutes.

2: Shake your feet

Poor blood circulation in the whole body will cause visceral dysfunction and endocrine disorders, physical toxins cannot be eliminated in a timely manner, and metabolism is too slow, resulting in fat accumulation and obesity. Simple local foot stimulation can promote blood circulation and speed up metabolism.

How to do it: Lie on your back on the bed or on the floor, shake your feet in the air, and then rotate your feet like a bicycle. For 2 minutes, the blood circulation in the province is immediately unobstructed, burns fat, and helps improve sleep.

3, walking barefoot

The biggest advantage of this method is that it gives the palms the opportunity to exercise. The palms are an important part of maintaining massage balance. When walking, let the palms be stimulated as much as possible. You can try walking the pebble road or preparing a mat with round protrusions at home.

Practice: Separating the five fingers is also a great advantage of walking barefoot. In order to lose weight and be healthy, let your feet be freed from shoes and socks at home and walk barefoot. Hold for 2 minutes.

4, massage toes

Massaging toes not only reduces weight but also enhances memory.

Practice: You can use both hands to grasp the big toes of your feet for circular massage. Massage several times a day for 2 minutes each time. You can also use your hands to make a circular motion to rub the outside of the small toe. The toe is the reflex area of ​​the cerebellum, so massaging the toe helps to enhance memory. Massage for 2 minutes.

5, rub your feet

Let your feet close together and rub against each other to make the blood circulation unobstructed. When the feet feel warm, you can strengthen the body's detoxification and fat burning effects in a short time.

Practice: Lie on your back on the bed or on the floor, and lift your feet to rub each other hard. If both hands rub at the same time, the effect is better. Just rub about 20 times, about 2 minutes. This method also helps sleep.

Notes on feet massage

Although there are many benefits to a full body massage in Dubai, there are also many related contraindications to feet massage. Let's take a look at the precautions for it.

1. It is not advisable to massage the feet after a meal. The body massage such as neck massage will be less benefit after a full meal. At this time, massage the feet will have side effects on the body;

2, massage the foot should not be too strong, otherwise it will damage the skin;

3. After the feet are massaged, they should be hydrated in time. After the feet massage, people tend to feel dry and dry. Drinking water at this time can relieve the symptoms of thirst and also facilitate the discharge of waste in the body.

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