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3 methods of massage in Dubai to eliminate leg edema

In Dubai, in fact, many girls are not fat, but because of leg edema, they look very fleshy. This can be seen especially for the girl with long time standing job. And the girls who are susceptible to edema in the legs have a feeling of thick underbody. Many people have been troubled by edema legs. In fact, learning some body massage in Dubai, such as leg massage and back massage can say goodbye to edema legs and good for cervical spondylosis. So how can we eliminate edema? Teach you a few massage techniques, say goodbye to edema legs. Let ’s learn together.

Merry is from Malaysia, she is so good at body to body Massage in Dubai.

Dubai Massage Full Service

Full massage for your leg edema

1, Massage feet

(1) First apply a massage oil or lotion of the size of coin to the right palm and right ankle, and then use the thumb of the thumb to slide down from the arch of the right foot to the heel, about 10-15 times.

(2) Similarly, use the abdomen of the thumb to press the toe seam between the toes of the right foot. Each toe seam can be pressed 3 times before changing the next toe seam.

(3) Use the raised knuckles on the fist to slide the gap between the bones on the instep, and then slide from the ankle root to the toe seam 3 to 5 times.

2, Massage ankle

Using the thumb and thumb of the right hand to slide the lower edge of the raised bone from the inside of the ankle, you can slide 3 times, in the same way, 3 times along the outer edge of the raised bone, and then change the left ankle

3. Massage the calf

(1) Squeeze about coin-sized lotion on the palm, then overlap and rub the left and right palms so that the hands evenly adhere to the lotion, and then slide the front, side, and back of the right lower leg from bottom to top.

(2) The left and right fingers are alternated alternately, and the calf is gently squeezed while sliding up from the calf near the ankle, and the calf can be gently squeezed 10 times from the bottom up.

(3) With the back of the right hand facing up and the left hand facing down, the thumbs of both hands take turns pressing the inside of the calf from the root of the calf about 10 times, which can improve the phenomenon of calf edema.

(4) Make a fist with both hands, and use the skin on the knuckles on the fist and the surface of the knuckles to pat each side of the calf for about 1 minute.

4. Massage thighs

(1) Apply about coin-sized massage oil or lotion to the skin of the right thigh. Then fists in both hands, placed on both sides of the base of the thigh, using the knuckles on the fist to slide from the base of the thigh to the position of the thigh close to the knee.

(2) Then press the fist down so that the skin of the fist knuckle and the knuckle is flat against the thigh, and then slide the thigh again and again.

(3) Hold the thigh in the right palm, and slide the inner side of the thigh up with the thumb and abdomen from the lower edge of the inner thigh near the knee, and move toward the root of the thigh while sliding. After completing the sliding, you will feel the inner thighs Was loosed.

Other swelling methods:

Soak your feet to eliminate edema legs

Foam foot edema is based on the principle of warm water and osmotic pressure. Soaking the foot for 5 ~ 10 minutes can improve the problem of leg edema.

Method: You can add proper amount of rice wine, natural salt or ginger juice to soak your feet in water, which can help blood circulation and metabolize excess water in the body. The amount of water should exceed the calf belly.

Diet eliminates edema legs

To eliminate edema in the body, you can also start with a diet to maintain water balance in the body. You can do a body to body massage in Dubai, on the other hand, the balanced diet is the most important. Excessive salt intake will cause water to stay in the body and cause edema. Therefore, to maintain water balance, you must Excess water is excreted from the body, and eating more food that strengthens the circulation of water can help to reduce swelling.

In addition, you should usually reduce your body's cold food, cold drinks, or food that increases the burden on the stomach, make your stomach tired, and retain the water in your body. In addition, to deal with puffiness, mild or diuretic food, take a balanced intake, and to relax the stomach, eat less at night, it is best not to eat supper to reduce the intake of a lot of water.

Handstand to eliminate edema legs

Inverted can make the blood in the lower limbs return and accelerate the blood circulation in the lower body. It also has a good effect on eliminating edema, but it must be effective for more than half an hour every day. You can lie in bed before going to bed at night, just like riding a bicycle Same movement.

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