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7 real benefits of body to body massage in Dubai

In Dubai, body to body massage, also known as Shiatsu, has been developed into a medical discipline. For the people in Dubai, massage is the ultimate time to relax themselves. Studies have shown that even a single massage therapy is good for both body and emotion.

As an effective and healthy lifestyle, doing some massage such as neck massage or leg massage is the best way to get a more balanced lifestyle. Nowadays, massage is getting more and more popular among the people of Dubai. Massage has so many benefits for the body. Let's have a look the 7 benefits of Dubai body massage.

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1. Can reduce and eliminate muscle fatigue.

Human muscle fatigue can lead to decreased exercise and work ability, while massage can promote muscle fiber contraction, promote blood circulation and lymph circulation, restore body function and improve work efficiency.

2. It has the effect of losing weight and beauty.

Through massage, the capillaries on the surface of the human body expand, the skin breathes faster, the nutrient supply is sufficient, and it has the function of removing the aging epithelial cells on the skin surface. At the same time, massage can promote the conversion of excess fat in the body into heat and reduce the accumulation of fat in the body.

3. Improve the body's immunity.

Massage can accelerate the flow of lymph in the human body, promote lymphatic formation, increase the proportion of lymphocytes in the classification of white blood cells, enhance the phagocytic ability of white blood cells, and improve the body's disease resistance.

4. Massage has the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis.

The blood of a certain part of the human body or tissue is not smooth, causing pain or even forming a lump. It can be used to massage the blood and dissipate the stagnation, so that the whole body can run normally.

5. Effectively relieves muscle spasms.

Muscle massage can strengthen the local blood circulation, relax the muscles, increase the tension of the tendon, and the brain will release the message to relax the cramped muscles in order to avoid the tendon injury.

6. Promotes blood circulation and reduces blood viscosity.

Massage can promote blood vessel expansion, increase blood flow, increase metabolism, and make the whole body blood smooth, which can improve the blood viscosity.

7. Adjust to improve visceral function.

Massage directly acts on the lesion through manipulation, which has the effect of improving and treating diseases. For example, massage treatment of cholecystitis can improve the emptying of the gallbladder in patients with chronic cholecystitis and inhibit the spasm of biliary smooth muscle.

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