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Attention of Back Massage in Dubai

In Dubai, the people get more and more pressure in daily life, massage would be a popular way to relax their body. Generally, Back pain is caused by improperly seated, or from position unchanged for a long time. The viewpoints of traditional Japanese medicine keeping in good health, said especially in the summer, don't pay attention to rest position often take a nap, more item can aggravate the pain in his back.

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The viewpoints of traditional Japanese medicine keeping in good health, points out that the traditional Chinese medicine massage refers to treatment and care for the purpose, by hand or other parts of the body, according to a variety of specific skills. In some parts of the body or meridians operation method. Back massage is to stimulate the core point and meridian of the back, so as to achieve the effect of health care. But also because of stimulus is acupuncture points, so back massage should not be careless, damage will be affected by any carelessness. 1, Before the massage, the technique must be fit to the nature of the back pain disorders and diagnosis. Fully understand the condition of suppurative, tuberculous spondylitis, senile the gender is bow-backed, thoracic lumbar vertebral benign and malignant tumor, disease, cervical stenosis is not suitable for thoracic vertebra fracture dislocation treated with technique. 2, For blood disease patients with bleeding tendency, NOT good for massage treatment. 3, Local skin injury, inflammation, ulceration, skin disease patients obviously unfavorable in this local massage therapy. 4, To the elderly, the infirm gently massage technique, careful massage therapy in patients with hypertension, cardiovascular disease. 5, For more than 3 months of pregnancy, women to disable the massage treatment. 6, Massage therapy, the technique strength to weight is appropriate, the technique of muscle fat body can be heavier.

But in the muscle is not plump, appropriate light, strength should be from light to heavy, range from small to large, in the treatment of lumbar spine mobility when should be controlled within the scope of physical activity. 7 Massage to warm to environment, don't catch cold catch cold, the body in a comfortable position, natural relaxed. Hunger line should not be too full massage treatment. 8, to strengthen the massage effect, safflower oil, wind and bonesetting water massage lotion available in local daub, but these medium can irritate the mucous membrane, thus face ministry, perineum, anus, cannot use. 9, In patients with osteoporosis, back pain, technique should be soft, disable inclined pull, pull, shake vigorously, so as not to cause fracture. 10, Massage to the local hot compress or physical therapy, can be consolidated or increase the curative effect. Conclusion: the above is some relevant data on your back massage, everyone should have a certain understanding.In daily life, often should back massage, but some notes in the back massage also want to remember.Hope the above content will have more help to all of you.

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