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Difference of Korean and Thai Massage in Dubai

In Dubai, the massage has already been a popular way to relax. But do you know the different massage meaning exactly? Korean? Thai? Now let me tell you.

Korean massage, massage from South Korea the family in the evolution and become, have also been referred to as the Korean pine bone in beauty field. In addition to bone a remarkable characteristics, oil and hot compress is a classic action for Korean massage technique.

Massage therapist is usually the steps along the shoulder blades, spine, hipbone joint use of the first step in the massage, the loose bone. Relax limbs with medical stone or hot water bag again after heat skin, placed in the spine of the shoulder joint and vulnerability cold place, about ten minutes, the pores open, massage therapist will combine massage oil palm rub heat, to push oil back and limbs. Wash a face, wash your hair, ears are Korean massage step, can be found in the detailed. After a whole set of massage, you will feel more energetic, the body from the inside out with refreshed.

Thai massage care, in a way of massage in Thailand, evolved from the traditional massage technique, it is given priority to with active joints, concise and practical, is one of the better methods of care. It is given priority to with active joints, said of the acupuncture points, is different from Chinese massage. Easy to learn, moderate difficulty, strong practicability. Thai massage is very pay attention to the stretch of back, waist, massage from the toes start in operation until the end of the head is a set of actions, from the foot massage in the direction of the heart.

Almost covers the press, feel, pull, pull, rub and knead all actions. Massage is kneeling service that alternating movement, soft, hard homogeneous, moderate speed, order. The Thai health care massage after bath, can quickly eliminate fatigue, restore physical, still can enhance the flexibility of joints, ligaments and vitality, restore normal joint activity function, to promote the body fluid circulation, prevention health care, health and beauty effect.

You can choose the massage in Dubai, Korean or the Thai will be good options of course.

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