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4 Facial Massage Techniques

Facial massage must be in accordance with the facial muscles to force to light. Because the face of the muscle fibers are very delicate and delicate, excessive force is easy to make muscle sagging, but cause wrinkles.

Massage to wash the face, and then coated with a number of nutrients containing cream or emulsion. Hand to wash very clean. Massage should not be too much force, with the middle finger and ring finger massage is most appropriate, because these two fingers usually do not use, relatively soft, delicate and flexible, less stimulation of the skin.

Massage action rhythmic sense of rhythm, speed should not be too fast or too slow, the best speed of massage and heart beat the speed of roughly the same. Practice has proved that facial massage has a good effect, in a few weeks later, the gradual relaxation of the skin becomes elastic, wrinkles follow stretch.

Method 1: stretch movement bid farewell to the lower half of the face relaxation

Stretch is the most basic massage action for the skin surface, in all aspects of skin care will be used. In the eyes around the first finger with one hand in the temple at the upward lifting of the skin, and then use the other hand in the corner of the skin around the corner.

Method 2: improve the lymphatic circulation to enhance absorption

This massage is slightly more powerful than stretching. Can make skin absorb better skin care products, and make the flow of lymph fluid more smoothly. There are a lot of lymphocytes around the lips. You can gently push by hand, so that the flow of lymph flow more smoothly.

Method 3: Let the fingers play the piano in the face

In the eyes, lips and other areas around the skin is relatively thin, for some small parts of the piano-style strike massage. From the mouth to the cheek gently hit massage, can make the muscles here become tight, while making the cheeks become mellow. For the small wrinkles of the eye, but also with the piano-style tapping massage.

Method 4: Local aging partial break

This is for wrinkles and sagging skin problems such as massage is very important, you can repair the muscle is not normal place. Press the smile pattern longitudinally with your finger.

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