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Neck and head self-massage health care

Although we often emphasize the importance of neck massage, but there are still many people do not understand the benefits of neck massage, neck massage did not pay attention, but also pay attention to neck care, resulting in some neck disease Produce, from time to time there will be symptoms of neck pain, for normal work and life have a serious impact, then the benefits of neck massage which?

Often facing the computer, it will inevitably have the problem of neck discomfort, followed by changes in habits, but also make the neck appear aging phenomenon, especially among women is more obvious, so we have to neck massage and maintenance.

Massage not only relieve fatigue, but also help the neck of the blood circulation, promote skin metabolism, can make the neck skin compact, enhance the neck contour, reduce neck wrinkles. However, due to the skin of the neck skin thin, poor flexibility, its massage, the action must be gentle, moderate intensity, otherwise it will play counterproductive role. Massage methods are as follows:

1, the neck cream or massage cream in the neck smear evenly, hands from bottom to top alternately pulling the neck.

2, with the index finger, middle finger on the bottom of the neck to do spiral massage.

3, with both hands of the index finger and middle finger, placed under the cheek bone lymphatic position, press for about a minute, do detoxification massage.

Only by understanding the benefits of neck massage can let us pay attention to the neck massage, neck massage when we need to follow a certain way to carry out, so as to play a good massage effect. Excessive fatigue will cause neck injury, so we need to make regular attention to the rest of the neck.

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