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Make a Neck Massage in Dubai By Yourself

Cervical spondylosis, also called cervical vertebra syndrome ", it is because of cervical intervertebral disc, vertebral bodies, joints and ligaments degenerative change, stimulate or oppressive cervical spinal nerve root, spinal cord, vertebral artery and vertebral side sympathetic nerve tissue and appear a symptom complex, affecting a wide range of comprehensive clinical syndrome.

Due to the different stimulus and repression surrounding tissues are of different symptoms of clinical roughly the type of cervical spondylosis were divided into 6:

1. The neck type

This is a relatively light type, main show is cervical occipital discomfort and pain in the shoulder, neck stiffness, sometimes with limited activities and other symptoms.

2. The nerve root type

This type is oppressed or stimulate the spinal nerve root, main show is the neck shoulder pain associated with upper limb radioactive pain or numbness discomfort and other symptoms.

3. The vertebral artery type

The type is irritation of the vertebral artery or oppression, main show is the neck shoulder pain with dizziness, nausea, vomiting, tinnitus, deafness and other symptoms, often associated with the neck activity, can happen orthostatic cataplexy, but consciousness is mostly.

4. Myelopathic type

This type is oppressed or spinal cord stimulation, main show is aching, gait instability, seems to have on cotton feeling, chest band, sexual dysfunction, decreased urine control ability and other symptoms.

5. Type the sympathetic

This is both inside and outside the sympathetic nerves oppressed, main show is depending on the neck and shoulder pain with dizziness, headache, chest is not clear, flustered, increased blood pressure, cold limbs or fingers red and hot side body sweat or less sweating and other symptoms.

6. A hybrid

From the above five types of two or more hybrid form.

Massage technique

1. Rub it on both sides of the neck muscles

Sitting, massage of the thumb massage on both sides of the neck muscles (from the head and neck section near the border to the da-zhui cervical root) 3 ~ 5 times, to relax your muscles, in relatively severe pain pain points on the operation, then knead the wind pool point 1 minutes, with acid bilges advisable.

2. Taking up and massage shoulders trapezius muscle

Sitting, taking up and massage the trapezius muscle on both sides of the shoulder massage, from inside to outside a wide range of relaxing the muscles and the operation on repeated 3 ~ 5 times;Knead the thumb points on both sides of the shoulder blade Angle on the muscle attachment within half a minute; Massage shoulders well hole and a half minutes, with acid bilges advisable.

3. Palm knead back muscles

Sitting, massage from top to bottom with the palm knead back muscles 3 ~ 5 times, in order to relax the muscle; Then the thumb knead top-down point between thoracic spine and shoulder blades inside edge area, focus on the operation at a conspicuous location on the pain, and there is a line, the operation on repeated 3 ~ 5 times.

4. Palm knead bilateral infraspinatus

Sitting, massage with the palm knead bilateral infraspinatus half a minute, and then knead the thumb points day hole and under a sore point, 50 minutes, shoulds not be too heavy, with acid bilges advisable.

5. Pat humeral back

In sitting, massage of humeral back, soft power, to alleviate fatigue.

Expert review.

The disease is a common disease in the modern work and study, the technique mainly relax the neck shoulder muscles. Neck type of cervical spondylosis is the most common, is also the focus of this set of manipulation treatment. Through the humeral back neck muscle massage, to relieve muscle tension, promote local blood circulation, improve symptoms. If appear the symptom of other types of cervical spondylosis, must carry out the inspection, understand the spread of the disease, under the guidance of a doctor for treatment.

Caring tips

1. Strengthen the exercise, neck shoulder muscles in coffee or spare, do a forward bend, stretch and left lateral flexion movement and after upper limb movement, can alleviate fatigue, also can make muscles, enhanced toughness, thus is advantageous to the cervical segment of spinal stability, enhance the ability of neck and shoulder with neck sudden changes.

2. Get out of the bad habit of rest sleep. Rest make head forward bends, increases under the stress of the cervical spine, may accelerate the degeneration of the cervical spine

3. Pay attention to the neck shoulder to keep warm, avoid load (head and neck, avoid burnout, don't doze off while riding.

4. The long-term volt case workers, should be to alter the head position, exercise on time for neck, shoulder muscles.

5. Pay attention to correct the posture of the head, neck, shoulder, back, don't head shoulders, positive look at when you talking and reading.To maintain spinal integrity.

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