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Drop your pressure from a Dubai Massage

We say at ordinary times of stress, is not only spiritual, when pressure comes, the body also can have some acute reaction. Such as some people will feel chest tightness, shortness of breath; Then we should let the body relax, today small make up take you learn about the five parts of the body massage to help you get rid of stress.

Head to relax

Sit or lie down, the two palm the ears on both sides of the above, press 1 ~ 2 minutes; Four fingers with both hands and bend down the forehead hair again, continue to back, along the top of the head to the hair down; The left palm placed horizontally in the latter half of the head right palms up on the top of the head first, hands patting the head at the same time, the left hand beat against the front of the left side to the top of the head, the right hand back on right side till the top of the head, then beat back in situ, a total of 3 ~ 5 times up and down.

Cervical decompression

Fingers crossed, hands back on the neck, back and forth friction neck gently 50 ~ 100 times; Relative with your thumb and forefinger, middle finger on either side of the large muscle at the knead knead head behind parallel to the earlobe; Upright, leaning to the right side of the head, stick in the right shoulder, right after 1 minute, in another side.

Back massage

Lower back pain, waist, his hand clenched, press with thumb palm joints tight on the waist cavity, resorting to rotary rubbing with 5 ~ 10 minutes; Rub the waist, two hand rub hot first, then press tight around the waist, hard rub to rub up and down, to feel the waist fever, 20 ~ 40 times repeatedly, once per day. Refers to the surface with his fingers against the da-zhui acupuncture point (the lower neck, which is under the seventh cervical spinous process cavity, to shoulder level) between friction.

Upper limbs stretch

A shrug exercise 20 ~ 30 times; Before and after the left arm, range from small to large, from slow to fast, 20 ~ 30 times; Hands, hand rub each other, in order to feel warm.

Lower limb movement

The thumb and other fingers gently rotate each toe, moderate strength, from toe heel has been moved to the top. At the end of each toe surface slowly move the thumb. When the thumb moved to the top, stretch your toes, adjustable feet, make a few spins in the ankle.

Too much pressure lead to mental collapse, influence our daily life and work. The appropriate release our pressure is beneficial to our physical and mental health, through the above account of small make up believe you for five parts of the body massage can alleviate pressure to understand somewhat, small make up hope everyone can healthy and happy life.

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