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Several kinds of massage make crus thinner

In Dubai, girls will be worried about running a thick legs, thighs too much? Run into you turnip leg? Plus, girls often because at ordinary times sedentary, long standing cause lower body edema, how to avoid? Then introduce several methods, to help you out turnip leg, let the girls can run very happy and comfortable!

Active massage: use of supplements to massage

A. use tennis for the calf muscle Edge of Soleus, Gastrocnemius, press the calf, repeatedly hook instep, instep pressure to increase the intensity of hips off the ground, can be relieved from tension leg.

B. use roller for hip joint Tensor Fasciae Latae, TFL, the iliotibial Band IT Band, kuo Tensor fascia partial hip joint lateral side, the iliotibial Band thigh.

C. use the tennis for hips Piriformis located in deep hip muscles, roller press to not easily, it is recommended to use the tennis, the body center of gravity tended to press the hip side, looking for a sore point.

D. use golf for a foot Plantar fasclitis, intermediate partial medial forefoot, arches, heel.

Passive massage: auxiliary massage of others

A. the lymphatic massage

Lymphatic is a kind of immune system, circulatory system, can transport too much moisture and protein, fat absorption to the blood vessels, can also see the tissue fluid with pathogen, back to the lymph nodes, eliminate pathogens, finally flow back into the veins. For lymphatic massage is mainly shallow lymph, so need not be too hard, generally is also acceptable to those who are afraid of pain, if the operation appropriate, swelling in the lower body feeling will soon be eliminated.

There are a lot of lymphatic vessels, lymph nodes in the human body, as long as know the flow direction, can be engaged in simple lymphatic massage. Lower body mainly have two places have large lymph nodes gathered place, one behind the knee, one in the front hip.

B. the calf massage

1. The first rubbing gently nest 2. Start from calf Achilles tendon, coated with the palm to his ankle 3. With the strength of the soft, skin tissue fluid to above crus after pushing 4. To gradually move up behind the knee, repeat the same action, until the below the knee 5. Massage nest place again

C. the thigh massage

1. The first rubbing hip lymph nodes 2. Again from the back on both sides (nest point) to the thigh pushing drainage (3) the drainage process, gradually upward, to hip collapsed 4. Again, rubbing hip lymph In addition to the above several sports massage way, lymphatic mainly by muscle pump efficiency and valves to help return, so do your calf simple movement can help lower limb cycle of improvement.

Sitting ankle movement

1. Sit for height of the chair 2. Light hook up on tiptoe, then back to the foot appressed the posture of the floor 3. After comeback tiptoe, back to the soles of the feet flat floor 4. Repeat 10 to 20 times, you can have a rest. If the girl is sedentary office, can repeat it half an hour to an hour.

Lying posture ankle movement

1. Lying posture, feet up, leaning against the wall, or with a soft cushion in the calf), higher than the heart 2. At a slow, ankle and the means of continuous activity 3. 5 minutes every time, after 5 minutes to rest 1-3 minutes, do it again, accumulative total of 15 minutes

The method above is the girl in the home can be simple to do massage muscles, anti-dropsy way, if you want to work better, or want to have a more comprehensive massage, massage advice for professional sports coach, help you to plan a series of muscle relaxation and body sculpture planning courses!

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