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Best Massage Methods For Men’s Kidney

Has long been a man in the world and kidneys is a male knowledge, raise the food of the kidney, folk prescription, in fact in addition to this, massage and kidneys are more conducive to health, and is worth popularizing widely apply, here we introduce some man keep renal massage method.

There are two kinds of massage back operating practice

back of renal mansion, beneficiary often do massage, can control the elderly because of the slow muscle strain caused by kidney, back pain, etc.

After one or two hands to rub to hand hot, were put to the back, the hand to the skin, massage back, up and down until there are thermal. But in the morning and again, each time is about 200 times. This movement can be kidney.

Second, the hands clench fist, arm back with two palm joint position of the thumb, natural massage beneficiary, inward annular rotating massage, force gradually, even acid bilges feeling is good, continue to massage for 10 minutes, one time in the early, middle and late.

Foot massage method

Doctors say often massage the foot, the kidney and nourishing essence can be beneficial, and physical health, prevent premature aging, and the liver bright eye, promote sleep, dizziness, insomnia caused by kidney, ear ring, haemoptysis, stuffy nose, headache and so on has certain curative effect. Foot massage method is: the daily bedtime with warm water to soak the foot, reoccupy hand rub each other after hot, heart massage right heart with his left hand, right hand heart massage foot, every 100 above, it is advisable to heat to rub your feet. This method has the effect of strong kidney Yin decrease internal heat, the common in the elderly in the empty fever has particularly good effects.

And kidneys setting-up exercise

1, sit up, legs nature separate, and shoulder are the same as wide, both hands bend ancon side to lift, finger goes on, with flat from ear to ear. Then, lift on hands to underside of sensory affects for degrees, then recover. Can do for 3 to 5 times continuously, discretionary do three to five times per day. Do the action before, the whole body should be relaxed. Lift on hands when inspiratory, exhale during recovery, and force shoulds not be too big and too hard. This kind of action can exercise, broad meridians, gets to abdomen at the same time, the year old, weak, shortness of breath is a relief.

2, sitting, arm elbow flexion put two legs, his right arm elbow flexion, palms up, make parabolic motion of 3 to 5 times. Do parabolic gesture, hand over to the cast, action can be slightly faster, hands when inspiratory, exhale. This act the role of the same as the first action.

3, sitting, his legs natural prolapse, first slowly turn the body around 3 to 5 times. Then, two legs swinging forward more than 10 times, can according to individual strength, take into consideration the increase or decrease. Do actions when the whole body relax, the movement wants nature, ease, rotating body, the torso to keep integrity, unfavorable pitch. This action can be adjustable back knee, kidney strong back, often to practice this action, back, knee to exercise, is good for your kidney.

4, sitting, loosen your belt, clothes, hands rub heat, in the back, grinding, up and down until the back feel fever. This method can be the kidney and the healthy back, the back has the vital point of meridian, and bladder deeply, rubs and so on, rub the feeling after burning, with the kidney and strong back, relaxing tendons, etc.

5, feet together, hands crossed on the head, then bent down, hands touch the ground, then squat, hands arms and say "blow" but not sound. So, can do more than 10 times continuously.

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