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How to Enjoy a Abdominal Massage For Healthy

Knead abdomen that modern medicine, can increase abdominal muscle and abdominal intestinal smooth muscle of blood flow, increase the gastric wall muscle tension and lymphatic system function, make the secretion function of the gastrointestinal organs such as active, so as to strengthen the digestion, absorption and excretion of food, significantly improve the peristalsis of the large intestine function, prevent and eliminate constipation, is especially necessary for the elderly.

Often massage abdomen ably, can also make the gastrointestinal mucous membrane produces plenty of prostaglandins, can effectively prevent the excessive gastric acid secretion, and can prevent the happening of the peptic ulcer. Knead abdomen can also promote the absorption of fat and dislodged, prevent the body fat, received satisfactory result reducing weight.

Often massage abdomen, and beneficial to human body remained. Before sleeping to massage abdomen, help sleep, prevent insomnia. For patients with atherosclerosis, hypertension, cerebrovascular disease, suffered massage abdomen can calm, calm, blood circulation, can have the good effect of adjuvant therapy.

Massage is must be a period of time, choose the right time to massage, it is helpful to the body, the effect is very good, so the first thing to know the best time to the best in the evening, eat dinner to don't be eager to go to bed, walking, such as shit emptying the best, everything is ready, wash hand began to massage the lie low is on the bed.

2 and then began to massage, massage is not a single, there is a certain method, now let me teach you, first the left hand on the abdomen, palms to the navel, right hand together on the left hand, first clockwise rubbing abdomen around 50 times, counterclockwise rubbing abdomen 50 times again.

3 last is to pay attention to the strength of the massage, if not control good, massage not only not effect, are likely to harm the abdomen, when to rub up and so must be moderately hard, don't use to go to press, natural breath, want to perserve, will be by the obvious effect.

Abdominal massage specific operation method: generally choose before you fall asleep at night and get up before, emptying urinate, wash hands, take supine, knees buckling, body relax, left hand on the abdomen, palms to the navel, right hand together on the left hand. First, clockwise around the umbilicus knead abdomen 100 times, again with 100 times the counterclockwise, according to the massage, the strength should be moderate, focused, natural breathing, perseverance, will receive fitness effect obviously.

It is worth noting that the abdominal skin purulent infection or acute inflammation in the abdomen (e.g., enteritis, diarrhea, appendicitis, etc.), should not be by rubbing, lest inflammation; To rub up and stomach cancer, unfavorable also to cancer spread or bleeding. Knead abdomen and abdominal appeared tepid feeling hungry, or bowel sounds, exhaust, and so on, belong to the normal reaction.

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