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The benefits of a foot massage in Dubai

1, foot massage, prevention and treatment of cervical spondylosis

Cervical spondylosis is also called cervical vertebra syndrome, is a kind of bone produces change. Medical experts, the study found through massage in foot reflection zone of cervical vertebra, can produce the curative effect of exciting. Originally is lighter, gradually strengthen, with a slight pain advisable. Massage time can customize time, preferably in the morning and once every day, every 10 to 30 minutes, for two weeks in patients with cervical spondylosis commonly can be unexpected results.

2, a foot massage can cure insomnia

Sat cross-legged when going to sleep every night, a foot up, and then clear you mind breathless meditation, with both hands thumb when heavy light to massage the foot under hundreds of "Spring cave" (" Spring cave "is located in a foot in the front of the cavity). After a period of time to improve sleep, let you sleep to big day foot massage can relieve stress.

Spirit of modern people often are in a state of high tension and make the inhibitory dysfunction, neurosis, insomnia, forgetfulness was born. If can do meditation for a foot massage before bed, attention excitement on your feet a foot, and make the cerebral cortex, be suppressed, after a period of foot massage stimulation, make the excitement and inhibition of natural transformation, cyclic normal and balance. Eventually the night sleep sweet, spirit enough during the day, a regular life, imbalance of organs can also improve. Increase appetite, spirit, improve work efficiency, the effect of thoroughly remould oneself seems to have everything lift.

3, detox foot massage can prevent cancer

Science has shown that saliva have anti-cancer effect. Plantar Spring point and massage, to stem the flow of saliva, sick slowly swallow small sips, beneficial to the body. In addition, a foot massage after drinking a cup of cold water to discharge poison. According to the medicine: foot massage to promote blood circulation, both hydrated after drinking water, and enhance the elimination of the waste toxins, and improve kidney function and the normal metabolism, they appear light and normal.

4, the prevention and cure of foot massage pregnant vomiting.

Some pregnant women the persistent severe vomiting, and could not even eat, muscle weakness, significantly less weight, urine, skin mucous membrane dry, eyeball sag, etc., must be timely treatment, lest affect maternal and fetal development. Foot massage therapy to the inprovement of response very quick.

5, a foot massage can be beauty

A foot massage can maximum discharge toxins in your body, let your face to bloom of its splendor. As long as you learn some knowledge for a foot massage, insist on a few weeks, you will be surprised to find your face is white and smooth. To the acne on the face of the woman, a foot massage can also eliminate acne.

Massage is World's most ancient medical treatment method. Massage is also called massage, is our country in the long struggle against diseases of the working people summarized and developed. So the effect of massage health care is beyond doubt, interested friends can have a try.

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